Green and Gold Soccer Academy

The Green and Gold Soccer Academy based at the University of Alberta confirms community commitment with the development of academy training, soccer camps, Vimy Ridge Academy, international programs and prospect management. The academy's philosophy is quite simply to build on the powerful legacy of the university's championship soccer teams - the Golden Bears and Pandas - by bringing the outstanding skills of the coaches and players to the Edmonton communities, to enhance the skill set of enthusiastic and talented young soccer players in the 7-18 age groups.

The academy's goal is to facilitate player development and to identify and promote talented players to play at the higher levels whether that is club, provincial select team, national, university or even professional. We strive to develop young athletes to their full soccer potential by providing an enriching training program and coaching sessions that are conducted in a challenging and dynamic training environment, based on solid youth training principles that are age appropriate. Young players in the 7-18 year age group are at the optimal stage of their athletic development for acquiring a high degree of skill and tactical awareness in soccer with the associated physical maturity and development. We teach these young players the fundamental techniques and skills they'll need to be creative with the ball, skilful in executing game strategy, and efficient in their movements on the field.

We believe strongly in giving back to our community and that's manifest in our unique partnership with Vimy Ridge Academy where a year-round, academic and soccer program has been developed to help young athletes focus on both developing their soccer skills and on scholastic achievement.