INT D 403: Foundations of Collaborative Practice

This course combines students from INT D 403, INT D 503,  MLSCI 295, PHARM 210, and REHAB 501. For the sake of brevity, this course will be referred to simply as INT D 403.

INT D 403: Foundations of Collaborative Practice exposes students to the skills related to the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC 2023) competency domains of Team Communication, Team Functioning, Team Disagreement Processing, Role Clarification and Negotiation, Collaborative Leadership and Collaborative Relationship-Focused Care/Services.

This course also offers students the opportunity to develop the interprofessional team skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges of their future work environments.  As the first exposure to the Interprofessional Learning Pathway, INT D 403 enables students to develop skills related to the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative competency domains outlined above.
INT D 403 is a 1-credit course offered in Fall 2023 and is required for students in most health sciences programs. Students in some programs will be required to take additional interprofessional courses. Please review your program requirements and/or consult with your program.

Class Schedule

Module 1 and 2 - An Introduction to IPE and the Core Competencies: 

Students complete an online module including readings, videos, quizzes, and discussion posts. Content is centered around the IPE competencies and team-based collaborative care.

Module 3 - IP Launch:

Most health sciences students will attend the Interprofessional Pathway (IP) Launch, which will be held on September 22nd, 2023.  The Launch event is a mandatory event for all students enrolled in INT D 403.  It provides students with exposure to interprofessional collaboration and practice and offers a first experience in the Interprofessional Learning Pathway.  This is a fully in person event with students scheduled to participate in 3.5 hour blocks throughout the day. 

Module 4 - Written Assignment:

Students complete a written assignment due early October, 2023.



Students will register for one of the following dates for the real-time classes.
  • dates currently under review

Registration is via Bear Tracks and the course number varies by program:

  • Dietetics: INT D 403
  • KSR (all programs): INT D 403
  • Medical Laboratory Science: MLSCI 295
  • Pharmacy: PHARM 210
  • Radiation Therapy:  INT D 403
  • Rehab (all programs): REHAB 501

Additional Information

  • Grading is on a credit/no-credit basis. Students must achieve a mark of 70% to receive course credit.
  • Over 500+ students participate from 8 health science programs.