Interprofessional Learning Pathway

Interprofessional Learning Pathway

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway is an educational initiative of the Health Sciences Education and Research Commons. The Pathway describes a series of progressive interprofessional learning experiences along the continuum from exposure, to immersion and integration. These experiences ensure that health sciences students achieve core interprofessional competencies: communication, collaboration, role clarification and reflection. Learning experiences may occur at large, all-faculty interprofessional events, or in collaborations between two or more disciplines. Each experience furthers the student's interprofessional competence and each is included in their individual Learning Pathway.

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway prepares health sciences students for an ever-changing health care system where interprofessional collaboration and teamwork are required to address:

  • Demands for workforce-ready graduates with the skills to meet complex patient needs, changing practice technology, diverse practice settings and increased professional specialization;
  • The need for a more efficient healthcare system that meets patient needs, economic and human resource pressures;
  • The University of Alberta's commitment to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement as outlined in the university's institutional strategic plan, For the Public Good;
  • Accreditation requirements for interprofessional education outlined in the accreditation standards for each health sciences program;
  • Requirements for collaboration and interprofessional teamwork outlined in the standards of practice for licensed health sciences professions.

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway Framework

The University of Alberta health sciences faculties developed the Interprofessional Learning Pathway Framework with input from health professional associations, other Canadian universities, and the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative. The Framework rests on the four core competencies critical to interprofessional practice: communication, collaboration, role clarification and reflection. The theme of patient-centred care is woven throughout the four competencies. Each interprofessional competency is performed at three levels along a continuum of experience: exposure, immersion, and integration.