Interprofessional Learning Pathway Launch

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway Launch is a three-hour experiential learning session that engages first-year students in interprofessional practice concepts and introduces core competencies. The Launch features group learning, case studies, and discussions with patients and regulatory bodies.

The Pathway Launch takes place each year in September and typically includes students from Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Radiation Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology.

The Pathway Launch introduces students to the Interprofessional Learning Pathway and:

  • Enhances the connection between academia and practice environments
  • Provides students with early exposure to interprofessional practice and the unique roles of the professions
  • Builds an understanding of the patient's role in a healthcare team and of how communication, coordination, and collaboration affect their care

The Interprofessional Pathway Launch is the first learning experience on the Interprofessional Learning Pathway.  

In collaboration with the University of Alberta's health sciences faculties, we will determine when and in what format The Launch will occur going forward by updating this page.