Simulation Support Services

Standardized Patients

A Standardized Patient is a lay person who can accurately and consistently recreate the history, personality, physical finding, emotional structure and response pattern of an actual patient at a particular point in time. This is especially important in examinations, when examiners must present each student with the same scenario, and the presentation of that scenario must be consistent and professional. Using a Standardized Patient (as opposed to an actual patient or an untrained volunteer) ensures that each individual encounters the same situation. Our clients use Standardized Patients for OSCEs, teaching, demonstration, clinical assessments and in many other activities requiring a consistent, replicable patient interaction.

B-Line Operator

HSERC has B-Line operators to help you design and administer your event using B-Line SimCapture or B-Line Clinical Skills. (capture video, use examiner checklists, access video and event information via web access, etc.)


Event Support

Our staff can handle all event setup and tear-down and provide other key event services (e.g. participant sign-in, managing equipment etc.)


Research and Evaluation

This service is on hold for now.  Please watch for further updates.  We offer research services including assistance in preparing your research study and tools such as evaluation checklists. This service can include the integration of evaluation tools into the existing B-line software for course management.


Simulation and Scenario Management

Our specialized staff can assist in the preparation of scenarios based on course learning objectives.


High Fidelity Patient Simulator Operator

All HSERC high-fidelity mannequins must be operated by an HSERC certified operator. The operator will work with your staff to ensure that the patient simulator is ready on event day and will run the patient simulator during your event in accordance with your scenario requirements.

CHARGES FOR THESE SERVICES MAY APPLY - rates will be determined when access request approved