Standardized Patient Program

The Standardized Patient Program (SPP) is closed indefinitely, with all bookings up to the end of April cancelled. If you have booked Standardized Patients in April, and have not done so already, please contact the SPP for more information. We are continuing to monitor updates and follow recommendations by the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services and will update this message in the coming months as this situation evolves.
Standardized patients (SPs) play an important role in health sciences education across all disciplines. A Standardized Patient is a person who has been trained to accurately and consistently portray an actual patient at a particular point in time; the SP presents with the patient's history, personality, physical finding, emotional structure and response pattern. Why not just use actual patients? While actual or 'volunteer' patients are sometimes used for training, their changing health status makes them unsuitable for situations that require objectivity and consistency. By using trained SPs, we can ensure that each student encounters the same 'patient', allowing for more consistency in training, learning and assessment.
The Program provides Standardized Patients for educational programs across faculties at the University of Alberta, and to external clients including Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), MacEwan University, Alberta Health Services and the private sector. Our SP Program is available to any group that wants to use simulation to create authentic, interactive experiences with trained professionals.

What is a Standardized Patient?

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