Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Alumni Association

The Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Alumni Association (KSRAA) came into fruition in 2005 as a volunteer driven association. They are committed to promoting, connecting and engaging the KSR/PER community as well as informing them of new developments in the Faculty of KSR faculty.

KSRAA represents all graduates from the Bachelor of Kinesiology (formerly Bachelor of Physical Education), Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism (formerly Recreation and Leisure Studies or Recreation Administration), Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Coaching and PhD programs.


The KSR community is a highly engaged, connected and supportive community, and is valued and understood in the broader community.


Promote, connect and engage with, and support the KSR community to enable its members (faculty, students, alumni and partners) to flourish in their academic, professional and personal pursuits in the KSR and broader community.


  • Respect and Inclusivity - for individuals' differences, perspectives and beliefs, the right to opt out
  • Integrity - adhering to high personal and ethical standards such as honesty, loyalty, taking care of each other
  • Leadership - fostering fair, open and thoughtful decision making that is forward looking, willing to be innovative and creative
  • Sharing - our learnings, mentoring and giving back to the community
  • Healthy Living - commitment to individual development in spirit, mind, body and our communities


Goal #1 Promote

  • Celebrate members of the KSR community, both for big achievements and everyday accomplishments
  • Creating awareness of KSRAA and its mission and values

Goal #2 Connect

  • Connect KSR/PER alumni with the Faculty of KSR
  • Build ties with organizations relevant to the KSR community
    • Alumni-owned businesses
    • Alumni Association programs
    • Professional associations
    • Non-profits run by KSR/PER alumni
    • etc
  • Connect KSR/PER alumni to career resources and support

Goal #3 Engage

  • Provide opportunities for alumni to engage with each other

Alumni Events

KSRAA’s Annual Golf Tournament

The Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Alumni Association is thrilled to invite you to our annual golf tournament! The event promises to be an exciting occasion, bringing alumni from all corners of the Faculty of KSR to enjoy an evening of golf camaraderie, fun and spectacular prizes!

Event Details