Alumni Spotlight

Sandra Kirby Photo

Sandra Kirby (’86)

Sandra Kirby, who graduated with her PhD. from the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation in 1986, has worked on sport equity and the prevention of harm to athletes in sport since the early 1980s.

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Morgan Bamford ISRC graduate

Morgan Bamford, ISRC (’20)

As an Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate alumna (’20), Bamford uses what he has learned to add a new lens in working with Indigenous communities.

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Anne Robins Alumni Profile

Anne Robins, ISRC (’20)

As an Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate alumna (’20), Robins applies learning to therapeutic recreation instruction

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Claire Wade Alumni Profile

Claire Wade, ISRC (’18)

Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate alumna (’18) and educator Claire Wade weaves Indigenous ways of knowing into school programming.

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Allan Cox Alumni Profile

Allan Cox, PhD (’69)

Allan Cox (PhD ’69), one of the Faculty's very first PhD graduates, reflects on this time with KSR and where his career has taken him over the past 50 years.

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Beth Hudson Alumni Profile

Beth Hudson, BScKIN (’13), MA (’17), ISRC (’18)

Educational experiences inspire alumna Beth Hudson to support physical literacy for Indigenous youth.

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Alysia Rissling Alumni Profile

Alysia Rissling - BScKIN (’11)

Excelling both on the court and in the classroom, Rissling applied her physical and mental strength as a Pandas basketball student-athlete to pursue a Canadian Olympic bobsleigh dream.

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Rebecca Yohemas Alumni Profile

Rebecca Yohemas, BPE (’99)

The passion for leadership, health, and well-being Rebecca experienced in the Faculty is the same passion she brings to her career and volunteer work.

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Katie Hanson Milroy Alumni Profile

Katie Hanson Milroy, BPE (’05)

Alumna Katie Hanson Milroy, turned her passion for physical activity, the human body and empowering women into a successful business venture.

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Jodie Vandekerkhove Alumni Profile

Jodie Vanderkerkhove, MA

For Jodie, discovering her passion of teaching adults to dance was made possible through a MA degree, inspiring mentors and great opportunities. She continues to live her passion of creating thinking bodies through dance.

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Jeff Vallance Alumni Profile

Jeff Vallance, MA (’01), PhD (’07)

It was serendipity that led Jeff Vallance to the door of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, and it was two great supervisors, a master's and a doctoral degree and a lifetime of memories that helped carry him on to an established career.

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Alfres Nikolai Alumni Profile

Alfred Nikolai, BPE 

Reflecting on his experience and the value of the degree he chose so long ago, Nikolai says that Physical Education is more about learning people skills than learning how to coach a specific sport or teach a skill.

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Lauren Capozzi Alumni Profile

Lauren Capozzi, BScKIN

To Capozzi, the connection between medical science, human body movement and functioning, and biomechanics were a link well worth exploring.

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Kelsey Hurley Alumni Profile

Kelsey Hurley, BPE

Kelsey also wants to have more impact in the health field by working at a policy level and helping to create programs that create real and positive change for better health outcomes for everyone.

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Brian Torrance Alumni Profile

Brian Torrance, BPE (’03)

Brian Torrance (BPE ’03) has spent the past decade supporting health and wellness in Alberta school communities through sport and physical activity.

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