Centres and Units

The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation (KSR) is directly affiliated with a number of centres and units, each with their own mandate and purpose, that play a key role in linking KSR faculty members and research to external communities.

The centres and units serve as "living laboratories", providing enriched learning environments to engage our students in their fields of study. Being able to facilitate research through our partnerships with these centres and units enables us to translate our research into practice, allowing us to positively impact the community


Steadward Centre

The Steadward Centre

The Steadward Centre serves as a research, teaching and service delivery unit within The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta to facilitate engagement in physical activity, fitness and sport for individuals experiencing disability.


Behavioural Medicine Lab

Behavioural Medicine Laboratory

Focused on generating new knowledge on how physical activity can help cancer patients prepare for treatments (prehabilitation), cope with treatments, recover after treatments (rehabilitation), and improve long term quality of life and survival.

Sport and Health Assessment Centre

Sport and Health Assessment Centre

The Sport and Healthy Assessment Centre (SHAC) provides fitness testing services for central and northern Alberta general and research communities, as well as metabolic testing to other research units within the U of A and external research institutes. KSR graduate students are often involved in ongoing projects at SHAC.

Work Physiology Lab

Work Physiology Laboratory

KSR researchers and graduate students are involved in many areas of research at the Work Physiology Laboratory leading projects related to the physical demands of emergency response occupations. They also conduct physical fitness evaluations for firefighter applicants.