Student Research Experience

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Graduate and undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to be involved in the Faculty's world-class research environment. Working alongside outstanding principal researchers, students will have an opportunity to study topics such as:

  • the effects of exercise and movement on cells and neurons
  • the use of physical activity to promote health and fight disease
  • ways in which people engage in recreation, leisure, and tourism; sport science, adapted physical activity
  • how society influences (and is influenced by) discourses, events, and current issues surrounding sport and physical activity

With access to remarkable research laboratories and partner facilities, students will gain valuable investigative experience in a robust environment. Keeping aligned with the core areas of our degree programs, students will be able to strengthen their knowledge and experience while positively contributing to society - locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.


Numerous scholarships are available for Undergraduate students to work with professors on research projects.

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