Alberta Innovates Summer Studentships

The Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship (SRS) program provides funding to support students engaging in health and medical research during the summer months (May–August). The intent of the program is to encourage such students to consider careers in medical/health research.

The Undergraduate Research Initiative administers the Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship program at the University of Alberta. Please do not apply to Alberta Innovates directly. Contact URI for all inquiries related to the program. You can also schedule an appointment with us to receive feedback or advice regarding your application by contacting us at or using our online calendar. 

University of Alberta students wishing to apply to the Alberta Innovates SRS program for work at the University of Calgary must apply through the U of C competition. For information about applying through the U of C, visit their website.

New in 2020: Revised Definitions for Digital Health Applications

Alberta Innovates has a strategic interest in supporting students interested in the area of Digital Health. As a condition of our funding from Alberta Innovates, 25% of awards in Summer 2020 are to be directed to Digital Health projects.

Digital Health projects may align with one or more of the following categories:

Digital Health Technology

This category can include standalone software or integrated hardware and software systems like computers, smart phones, tablets, and wearables that utilize digital platforms to: improve access to health care information, personal health and wellbeing; facilitate more efficient diagnoses and treatments; and improve access to care for patients at home, health care facilities, and in rural and remote communities.  

Data Enabled Health Transformation

This category focuses on data-enabled innovation used to create, amalgamate, analyze, and apply large quantities of complex information to improve health and/or healthcare decision-making. Examples include data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platforms.

Program Guide & Resources

Participant Waiver 

As per University of Alberta risk management procedures, participants in the Alberta Innovates SRS program will be required, upon award acceptance, to review and sign the following participation waiver: 

The purposes of this waiver and release of liability document are to ensure you are aware of the risks associated with the activity, to accept those risks, and to help you understand your responsibility in case of injury or property damage arising from your participation. This will allow you to make an informed choice about whether to participate. This is a legal document and, by signing it, you are giving up certain legal rights, including the right to sue should you be injured during participation. For more information about waivers, visit the Insurance & Risk Management website. Important note: This waiver is only required for successful applicants at the time of award acceptance. This waiver does not need to be submitted with your application.  

How to Apply

The Alberta Innovates SRS application must be submitted online. Paper or email application forms will not be accepted. We recommend that students and supervisors complete the application using the offline template provided, then students should submit the final, completed version through the Google Form.

Students will be required to upload a PDF of their transcript(s) to the Google Form. A Google account (i.e. Gmail) is required for the application form. University of Alberta applicants can use their institutional Gmail account ( If you do not have a Google account, please contact URI for assistance.

Note: Students may apply through the Alberta Innovates SRS application process to be considered for the following awards (according to student/supervisor eligibility):

Applicants are asked to provide information to help determine their eligibility for these awards and consent to share application materials (including transcripts) with the relevant agencies. In the event that your Alberta Innovates Summer Studentship application is not successful, URI will forward your application package to these other competitions (as applicable) for further consideration. All subsequent notification/administration related to these awards is the responsibility of the corresponding agency.

Deadline for Applications

Applications for summer 2020 have now closed. Please subscribe to the URI e-newsletter here to stay informed about future competitions.