Andriy Nahachewsky

Andriy NahachewskyHuculak Chair Emeritus

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky was the first to occupy the Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography (1990-2017). He served as the Director of the Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore from its establishment until 2016.

Dr. Nahachewsky graduated cum laude with a BA in Ukrainian Studies from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979, then studied for one year at the Oleksandr Korniichuk Institute of Culture in Kyiv in 1980. He completed a BFA in Dance in 1982 from York University and his MA in Ukrainian Folklore from the U of A in 1985. He studied at the Centre for Dance Studies in the United Kingdom in 1988, and received his PhD in Ukrainian Folklore from the U of A in 1991.

Nahachewsky has some 30 publications to his credit including contributions to Ethnographica, Athens; Studia Musicologica, Budapest; Rodovid, Kyiv; Dance Research Journal, New York; and Journal of American Folklore. He has been very active as a performer, teacher, critic and choreographer of Ukrainian dance.

Dr. Nahachewsky continues to research and write on ethnic dance, folk arts, and Ukrainian Canadian culture and ethnic identity.

Representative publications

Ukrainian dance: a cross-cultural approach. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2012.

"Immigrant and symbolic ethnicity in Brazilian Ukrainian material culture." Ukraintsi Brazylii: Os ucranianos do Brasil: Ukrainians in Brazil: A historic-ethnologic study, pp. 90-103. Eds. Maryna Hrymych, Andriy Nahachewsky, Serge Cipko, Olga Nadia Kalko. Kyiv: Duliby, 2011.

Nahachewsky, Andriy and Maria Mayerchyk. "Osoblyvosti ukrains'koi fol'klorystyky v Kanadi" [The characteristics of Ukrainian folklore studies in Canada]. Narodoznavchi zoshyty [The ethnology notebooks]. L'viv: 3-4 (93-94) 2010: 293-309.