Thesis Catalogue

Theses produced in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology since 1993 are listed. Links are to the University of Alberta Education & Research Archive (ERA) record unless otherwise indicated.

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Abdel-Monem, Hanan Ahmed Fahmy (1999, MSc). Chronic allograft nephropathy, ultrastructural changes in peritubular capillaries and their correlation with renal function.

Abdualmjid, Reem (2014, MSc). Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Induction of Apoptosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Lines by Thymoquinone.

Abou Zeinab, Rami (2015, PhD). The Role of Pirh2 E3 Ligases in Ubiquitination and p73 Regulation.

Abuetabh, Yasser H (2013, MSc). Investigating The Role Of Fibrocystin/Polyductin In Cholangiocarcinoma.

Acker, Jason Paul (1997, MSc). Influence of cell adhesions on the freezing response of biological systems.

Acker, Jason Paul (2000, PhD). Innocuous intracellular ice formation. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 7.25 MB)

Al Yousef, Habib (2017, PhD). Investigation of the Role of UBE4B Ubiquitin Ligase in p53 Regulation in Response to DNA Damage in ATM-Proficient and ATM-Deficient Cells.

Albahrani, Redha Mohammed (2013, MSc). Differential Expression of TWSG1, BMP4 and Shh Morphogens Signaling Proteins in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cholangiocellular Carcinoma.

Alhhazmi, Areej (2018, PhD). Molecular Characterization of Streptococcus agalactiae Isolates from Human Cases of Invasive Disease Collected in Alberta, Canada: 2003-2013.

Alladina, Salima Jafferali (2004, MSc). TRAIL-induced apoptosis of vascular endothelial cells occurs using both the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways and is modulated by phosphoinositide 3-kinase through c-FLIP. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 5.16 MB)

Allen, Richelle J. (2013, Msc). Detection of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Using Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

Almizraq, Ruqayyah J. (2013, MSc). Identifying and Characterizing Red Blood Cell Microvesiculation, Phosphatidylserine and CD47 Expression As a Predictor of Red Blood Cell In Vitro Quality Following Hypothermic Storage.

Almizraq, Ruqayyah J. (2019, PhD). The Role of Extracellular Vesicles and Red Blood Cell Manufacturing Methods on Transfusion-Related Immunomodulation.

Alqahtani, Hind (2016, MSc). DDX17 (P72), a Sox2 binding partner, regulates Sox2 to sustain tumorigenic and stem-like properties in a phenotypically distinct subset of estrogen positive breast cancer cells.

Alshalani, Abdulrahman (2017, MSc). Membrane water permeability as a quality predictor for red blood cells during hypothermic storage.

Alshareef, Abdulraheem (2017, PhD). Delineating the biology of Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) and its resistance to crizotinib.

Alyenbaawi, Hadeel (2015, MSc). The Regulation of p53 by E3 ligases MDM2 and CHIP in Breast Cancer Cells: Analysis of the Role of Hsp70 and Hsp90.

Armanious, Hanan A R. (2011, PhD). Clinical significance and cross talk of Wnt canonical pathway in cancer.

Armstrong, Stephen (2016, PhD). Role of the E-3 ligase CHIP in the negative regulation of the transcription factor TAp63.

Asiedu, Evelyn (2021, PhD). Evaluating the Persistence of Dissolved Heteroatomic Organic Chemicals in Oil Sands Process-Affected Water by Non-Targeted Analysis.

Au, Danny Chi Ho (2005, MSc). The effects of intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM-1) ligation on tumor cell MUC1 tyrosine phosphorylation. (University of Alberta Libraries)

Babiuk, Julie-Ann Doreen (2006, MSc). The effect of Gadd45α on DNA-bound PCNA in response to UVB (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 3.70 MB)

Bahitham, Wesam Ahmad (2013, MSc). Novel Alterations of Morphology and Genome of Mitochondria of Cholangiocellular Carcinoma.

Basonbul, Asmaa (2016,MSc). Approaches to Reverse Red Cell Sickling.

Beesoon, Sanjay (2014, PhD). Human Exposure Sources and Disposition of Perfluoroalkyl Acid Isomers.

Benskin, Jonathan (2011, PhD). Application of perfluorinated acid isomer profiles for manufacturing and exposure source determination. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 12.49 MB)

Bernier, Ashlyn (2011, PhD). Mechanisms of MUC1/ICAM-1 signalling in breast cancer metastasis.

Bhavanam, Sudha (2018, PhD). In vitro model of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb): Impact of donor BCG vaccination.

Blackstock, Lindsay (2020, PhD). Investigating Relationships between Artificial Sweeteners and Water Quality:
Waste Impact Indicators and Disinfection Byproduct Precursors.

Bone, Kathleen (2014, PhD). Deregulation of DNA mismatch repair by the oncogenic tyrosine kinase NPM-ALK.

Boone, Tyler (2012, PhD). Characterization of Phosphoglycerate Kinase Expressed on the Surface of Group B Streptococcus.

Boyd, Jessica M. (2012, PhD). Analytical and Toxicological Characterization of Novel Nitrogen Containing Disinfection Byproducts.

Burnham, Carey-Ann (2007, PhD). Interactions of the Group B Streptococcus with Epithelial Cells: Host-Cell Signal Transduction Pathways in Group B Streptococcal Invasion and the Role of Surface-Associated Group B Streptococcal Phosphoglycerate Kinase in Pathogenesis. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 9.71 MB)

Chai, Chengsen (2019, PhD). The regulation of tumor suppressor PTEN by microRNAs in breast cancer.

Chakravarthy Sridharan, Malinee (2010, MSc). Association mapping of genes using whole genome polymorphism arrays: Identification of markers of breast cancer susceptibility in Alberta women.

Chan, Gene Yel (2001, MSc). Cryopreservation of porcine heart valves.

Chavali Venkata Subramanya, Ravi Shankar (2013, MSc). Desiccated and Preserved Polyacrylamide based Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Systems.

Chow, Aaron K.Y. (2013, MSc). A novel mouse model of acute antibody-mediated transplant rejection shows simultaneous complement activating and anti-inflammatory effects of donor specific IgG antibodies.

Chow, Jeffrey Wai-man (2006, MSc). Molecular mechanisms of ICAM-1-inducing MUC1 signaling: a study using MUC1/Y. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 5.35 MB)

da Silveira Cavalcante, Luciana (2017, PhD). The Effects of Liposome Treatment on Red Blood Cells during Hypothermic Storage.

Delorme, Amy (2015, PhD). Characterization of the paradoxical growth effect of Candida albicans exposed to caspofungin.

Dien Bard, Jennifer (2008, PhD). Biological Significance of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription-3 in the Pathogenesis of Cancer. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 12.28 MB)

Ebertz, Stacey Lee (2002, PhD). Fundamental cryobiology of cells from a bioengineered human corneal equivalent. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 6.40 MB)

Elmoazzen, Heidi Yakout (2000, MSc). Parameters affecting water permeability across biological cell membranes.

Elmoazzen, Heidi Yakout (2006, PhD). Osmotic transport in cryobiology. (University of Alberta Libraries)

Eskandari, Nasim (2017, MSc). Developing a Cryopreservation Protocol for Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs) in Monolayers.

Fu, Katherine (2016, MSc). Effects of Halobenzoquinone Water Disinfection By-Products on Human Neural Stem Cells.

Garg, Saurabh (2017, PhD). Design, Synthesis and Antimycobacterial Evaluation of a Novel Class of Chemotherapeutic Agents.

Gallant-Haidner, Heather Lee (2001, PhD). Investigation of rapamycin and rapamycin metabolites. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 6.22 MB)

Gault, Ian (2019, MSc). Oil Sands Process-Affected Water Toxicity Attribution and Evaluating Ageing as a Remediation Strategy.

Gupta, Nancy (2017, PhD). Novel Strategies to Prevent and/or Treat Tuberculosis.

Gustafson, Elizabeth (2007, MSc). Teeth and DNA: the mining of Mesolithic and Neolithic teeth in a non-destructive manner. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 8.27 MB)

Haddon, Lacey (2018, PhD). Increased estrogen receptor expression leads to a novel DNA binding signature which differentiates luminal A and luminal B breast cancers.

Hamula, Camille (2010, PhD). Selection of DNA Aptamers Against Live Bacterial Cells. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 14.83 MB)

Haque, Moinul (2019, MSc). Role of the oncoprotein FOXM1 in NPM-ALK+ anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Han, Yajun (2007, MSc). The biological significance of loss of SHP1 in the pathogenesis of ALK+ anaplastic large cell lymphoma. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 3.85 MB)

Hegazy, Samar, A T. (2012, PhD). The Role of Oncogenic Tyrosine Kinase NPM-ALK in Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Pathobiology.

Hasing Rodriguez, Maria Eloisa (2016, PhD). Characterization of Norovirus strains and a seroprevalence study to understand the fluctuation of outbreak activity in Alberta, Canada.

Hirji, Faisal H. (2017, MSc). Group A Streptococcus (GAS): its surface phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) and recent epidemiology in Alberta.

Holovati, Jelena (2008, PhD). Liposomal Delivery of Intracellular Trehalose. (Library and Archives Canada, 13.20 MB)

Horne, Garnet James (1999, MSc). The role of breast cancer associated with MUC1 in tumor cell recruitment to vascular endothelium during physiological fluid flow.

Hsu, Mu Hao (2020, PhD). Identification and Validation of a Common Molecular Signature of Progressive Fibrosis in Human Livers.

Hulbah, Maram (2020, PhD). Exploration of novel factors associated with Group B Streptococcus virulence.

Humphreys, Christine Elsa (1999, MSc). Biological responses of tumour cells to freezing using a novel cryosurgical model system.

Huang, Yung-Hsing (2019, PhD). Unmasking the in Vivo Importance of STAT3 in Multiple Myeloma Using Three-Dimensional Culture and Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System.

Jiang, Xiu-Yan (1995, MSc). CD45 in lymphocyte adhesion and T cell activation.

Jordan, Andrew (2016, MSc). Importance of donor factors and whole blood processing in the storage injury of red blood cells.

Kam, Janice Lik Ming (1998, MSc). MUC1 synthetic peptide inhibition of ICAM-1 and MUC1 binding is dependent on the number of tandem repeats.

Kanias, Tamir (2010, PhD). Evaluation of desiccation-induced oxidative injury in human red blood cells.

Kaur, Gurnit (2020, PhD). Mechanistic Studies of Arsenic and Selenium Detoxification.

Kipkeu, Betty (2019, MSc). New Approaches to Evaluate the Immune and Endothelial Modulation Potential of Stored Red Blood Cell Concentrates.

Klein, Kellar (2016, MSc). Non-invasive Fetal RhD Type Prediction by Direct qPCR.

Kluthe, Kristine Michelle (2007, MSc). Cell adhesion and viability in HUVEC monolayers after low temperature exposure. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 5.31 MB)

Kostiuk, Tyler (2015, MSc). Detection and Characterization of Orthoreovirus in Alberta's Environmental Waters.

Krishnan, Preethi (2016, PhD). Profiling and Identification of Small non-coding RNAs as Prognostic Markers for Breast Cancer.

Kumaran, Mahalakshmi (2018, PhD). Identification and Characterization of a Novel Premenopausal Breast Cancer Locus and Insights into Copy Number Variations for Disease Predisposition and Prognosis.

Lai, Raymond Kai Chi (1995, PhD). Diversity of leukocyte common antigen (CD45) expression.

Lee, Charles (1993, MSc). Tandemly repetitive DNA in the karyotypic and phylogenetic evolution of cervidae species. (Library and Archives Canada)

Lee, Charles (1996, PhD). Identification and characterization of two mammalian centromeric satellite DNA families.

Lee, Ming-Chih (2000, PhD) Biological significance of FK506 metabolites (Library and Archives Canada pdf 8.08 MB)

Lew, Kristi (2008, MSc). Biological monitoring of arsenic for exposure determination (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 1.48 MB)

Li, Jinhua (2017, PhD). Mechanisms of cytotoxicity induced by halobenzoquinone water disinfection byproducts.

Li, Jun (2010, MSc). Investigation of the Kinetics of Tet(O)-mediated Tetracycline Resistance.

Liu, Jiaying (2018, PhD). Placental Transfer, and Neurodevelopmental Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) and BPA-Alternatives.

Liu, Qingqing (2017, PhD). Speciation of arsenic metabolites in chicken meat and in human cells.

Liu, Yanna (2018, PhD). Target Monitoring and Non-Target Discovery of Halogenated Contaminants in Water, Wildlife and Humans.

Lloyd, Colin (2021, MSc). Clostridioides difficile Molecular Epidemiology in Alberta, Canada.

Lucien, Jamie George (1996, MSc). The efficacy of leflunomide to deplete xenoreactive antibody, and prolong the survival of discordant cardiac xenotransplants in vivo.

Ma, Angela (2021, PhD). Characterization of Heat Resistant Escherichia coli Isolates Associated with Human Infection.

Macdonald, Kimberley (2012, MSc). Generation of DNA aptamers against whole Campylobacter jejuni cells. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 4.27 MB)

Mahmoud, Maysoon (2016, PhD). Liposome-based therapy: An alternative approach to treat Helicobacter pylori infection in high prevalence communities such as Aklavik, NWT.

Marasinghe Arachchige, Bodhi Nirosha (2011, MSc). Structural aspects of the interaction of the cytoplasmic domain of Mucin-1 (MUC1) with the SH3 domain of Src Kinase.

McGuigan, Claire Frances (2013, PhD). Cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, and genotoxicity of emerging drinking water disinfection byproducts.

Moe, Birget (2013, PhD). Cell-electronic Sensing of Cellular Responses and Toxicity Induced by Nanoparticles and Arsenic Species.

Mohammad, Hashim Khan Zuhair (2012, MSc). Genotyping the CYP*4 Allele by Allele Specific PCR and Melt Curve Analysis (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 5.94 MB)

Mooder, Karen (2004, PhD). mtDNA and prehistoric Siberian hunter-gatherers: characterising matrilineal population affinities in Neolithic and Bronze Age Cis-Baikal. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 12.60 MB)

Moussa, Nour (2015, PhD). Maternal and Paternal Polymorphisms in Prehistoric Siberian Populations of Lake Baikal.

Mukherjee, Oindrila (2011, MSc). Deletion or substitution of conserved amino acid residues at the tip of the domain IV of Tet(O) impairs tetracycline resistance.

Muldrew, Kenneth B. (1993, PhD) . The osmotic rupture hypothesis and its application to the cryopreservation of articular cartilage.

Narasimhan, Ashok (2017, PhD). Profiling and Identification of Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Molecules for Human Cancer Cachexia.

Newbigging, Ashley (2020, PhD). Isothermal Amplification Techniques for the Detection of Nucleic Acids and Proteins.

Nunes, Julien (2013, MSc). The Adhesion of Stored Red Blood Cells to Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells.

Prickett, Richelle Catherine (2009, PhD). The application of the multisolute osmotic virial equation to cryobiology.

Rahn, Jennifer Joy (2004, PhD). The role of MUC1/ICAM-1 interaction in promoting breast cancer cell migration. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 12.05 MB)

Reardon, Anthony J. (2013, MSc). Membrane and Mitochondrial Responses to Cryobiological Conditions.

Reardon, Anthony J. (2019, PhD). Developmental Toxicity from Perfluoroalkyl Acid and Mercury Co-Exposure in Experimental and Epidemiological Models.

Regimbald, Lyle Henry John (1996, MSc). The role of MUC1 in vascular adhesion: an essential step in breast cancer metastasis.

Rich, Barbara Sharon (1998, MSc). Development of an in vitro model for accommodation.

Ross-Rodriguez, Lisa Ula (2004, MSc). Using simulations to design a cryopreservation procedure for hematopoietic stem cells without DMSO (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 3.87 MB)

Ross-Rodriguez, Lisa Ula (2009, PhD). Cellular osmotic properties and cellular responses to cooling.

Rotich, Silas (2020, MSc). Molecular injury and repair assessment of ex vivo perfused heart transplants.

Samadi, Nasser (2009, PhD). Autotaxin, lysophosphatidate and taxol resistance.

Sapkota, Yadav (2013, PhD). Germline DNA variants as determinants for breast cancer predisposition and prognosis.

Scott, Kirby (2006, MSc). The response of hematopoeitic progenitor cells to trehalose-loaded liposomes for applications in cryobiology. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 6.08 MB)

Seetharaman Srinivasan, Praveen Raj (2014, MSc). Using Phage Display to Identify Peptides that Bind to the Surface of Helicobacter pylori.

Sekhon, Pushpinder Kaur (1995, MSc). Correlations of phenotype and genotype and previable human abortuses.

Shen, Qiang (2007, PhD). The role of MUC1/ICAM-1 interaction in breast cancer cell motility. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 8.42 MB)

Siddiqua, Khalida (2013, MSc). Mutant Group B Streptococcus surface expressed Phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK) with reduced plasminogen binding.

St. George, Marc C. (2013, MSc) Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer: Characterization of Rationally Designed Paclitaxel Analogs in Model Systems.

Stadnick, Hart Peter Argyle (2011, MSc). The deformability of hypothermically stored red blood cells.

Sultani, Ahmad Billal (2015, MSc). Protocol designs to optimize cryopreservation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

Tchir, Jayme Dianna Radford (2010, MSc). Prevention of cervical cancer through the characterization of E6 and E7 mRNA transcriptional activity as biological markers of human papillomavirus infections.

Uppal, Jagdeesh (2021, MSc). Characterization of Urinary Arsenic Metabolites for Use as Biomarkers of Susceptibility to Arsenic.

Vander Meulen, Ian (2019, MSc). Assessing the N-Nitrosamine Formation Potential of Selected Ionic Liquids, 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Bromide and 1-Ethyl-1-Methylpyrrolidinium Bromide, Treated With the Drinking Water Disinfectant Monochloramine.

Wagner, Megan K. (2013, MSc). Development of a Binding-Induced DNA Assembly Assay for Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9.

Wang, Chuan (2014, PhD). Detection of BPDE-DNA Adducts on Specific Genes.

Wang, Huijian (1998, MSc). Clinical application of Banff Schema in baseline and follow up biopsies.

Wang, Peng (2008, PhD). The resistance mechanisms located at the DISC level and the mitochondria level regulate the sensitivity of cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 4.00 MB)

Wang, Wei (2016, PhD). Analytical Characterization of Halobenzoquinones as Emerging Disinfection Byproducts in Disinfected Water.

William, Nishaka (2020, MSc). The Efficacy of Using Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors to Enable the Frozen Storage of Livers.

Wu, Chengsheng (2017, PhD). Delineation of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Pathobiology of ALK-positive Anaplastic Large-cell Lymphoma.

Xia, Yunlong (2013, MSc). Determination of antimony in water, beverages, and fruits.

Yu, Xiaao (2020, MSc). A Reverse Transcription-Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction-based Microneutralization Assay for Assessing Human Cytomegalovirus-Neutralizing Antibody Activity

Zailaie, Samar (2015, MSc). Role of miRNA-126 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Cholangiocellular Carcinoma.

Zetouni, Nikolas (2015, MSc). Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity of Extractable Organics from Oil Sands Process-Affected Water.

Zhang, Hai-feng (2015, PhD). Deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathobiology of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Zhang, Hongquan (2009, PhD). Ultrasensitive assays for proteins. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 2.00 MB)

Zhang, Jing (2006, MSc). c-FLIP and resistance to TRAIL-induced apoptosis in pancreatic cancer. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 5.19 MB)

Zhang, Jing (2009, MSc). Novel Selection ofAptamers Against Multiple Proteins. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 3.32 MB)

Zhang, Qi (2016, PhD). Targeted Delivery of Arsenic Compounds to Tumor Cells Using Polymeric Micelles.

Zhang, Si (2008, MSc). Bioaccumulation, Tissue Distribution, Excretion and Metabolism of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Farmed Mink. (Library and Archives Canada pdf, 6.41 MB)

Zhang, Ying (2016, PhD). The biological function and clinical significance of STAT1 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Zhurova, Mariia (2013, PhD). Cryobiological characteristics of red blood cells from human umbilical cord blood.

Zielinski, Michal (2019, PhD). Non-Ideal Thermodynamic Models of Cryobiological Solutions and the Intracellular Space.