Summer Studentship Stipend

The LMP Department Summer Studentship Stipend provides funding to excellent undergraduate student currently enrolled at a Canada's post-secondary institutions to support a clinical or basic science laboratory research projects at the University of Alberta during the summer months (May to August). The aim of this stipend is to attract and encourage students to consider careers in research, as well as to foster research in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. The Stipend is in the amount of $ 1500/month, paid directly to the student in monthly installments over the term of the award (2-4 months, between May and August) or to the student supervisor as operating funds (up to $ 3000) to support the costs of a student research project.

The LMP Summer Studentship Stipend is funded by the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Research Fund, governed by the LMP Research Committee.

2024 Stipend Recipient

  • Kayla LaPorte (supervisor Dr. Chris Le)

2023 Stipend Recipients

  • Sarjana Alam (supervisor Dr. Esmé Dijke)
  • Ashley Beauchamp (supervisors Dr. David Olson and Ms. Lisa Purdy )
  • Paula Mengel (supervisor Dr. Susan Nahirniak)

2022 Stipend Recipients

  • Celina Phan (supervisor Dr. Jason Acker)
  • Gabrielle Versailles (supervisor Dr. Susan Nahirniak)
  • Jonathan Walter (supervisor Dr. Andrei Drabovich)

2021 Stipend Recipients

  • Eden Huang (supervisor Dr. Xing-Fang Li)
  • Celina Phan (supervisor Dr. Jason Acker)

 2020 Stipend Recipients

  • Dimitri Galatis (supervisor: Dr. Tanis Dingle)
  • Mark McAllister (supervisor: Dr. Andrei Drabovich)

2019 Stipend Recipients

  • Ruqaya Jasim (supervisor: Dr. Ben Adam)
  • Teresa Kumblathan (supervisor: Dr. Xing-Fang Li)
  • Regina Mendoza (supervisor: Dr. Andrei Drabovich)

2018 Stipend Recipients

  • Ms. Christine Austerman (supervisor: Dr. Jason Acker)
  • Ms. Teresa Kumblathan (supervisor: Dr. Xing-Fang Li)
  • Mr. Jonas Szelewski (supervisor: Dr. Linda Chui)

2017 Stipend Recipients

  • Ms. Adesewa Adeleye (supervisor: Dr. Carmen Charlton)
  • Mr. Johith Jacob (supervisor: Dr. Tanis Dingle)
  • Ms. Christina Paterson (supervisor: Dr. Patricia Campbell)
  • Ms. Gina Sykes (supervisor: Dr. Luis Hidalgo)