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The research interests of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology members encompass viral pathogenesis, vaccine development, correlates of immunity, enhancement of vaccine efficacy, oncolysis, and development of novel antivirals. Our members have made, and continue to make, a significant impact on human health around world.

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Photo of InScope figureInScope is located in front of the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation and was unveiled on October 21, 2015. It was commissioned as part of a transformative gift from the Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation to the University of Alberta.

The figurative elements are a reminder that “health is for the people” and that “knowledge bestowed is a great gift”, meant to echo the magnitude of the gift of Mr. Li Ka Shing.

InScope details:

  • Comprised of two figures, one at 22 feet tall, and one at just over 6 feet;
  • Vibrant red hue on the inside edge of the geometric space focuses on the human body as a canvas of medical research and discovery;
  • The life-size human figure gazing upward accentuates the vastness of this exploration;
  • The sculpture contains a programmed light feature that includes the entire colour spectrum

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