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LKSIoV Membership

The Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology (LKSIoV) is committed to supporting excellence in research. Membership in the LKSIoV is open to individuals who want to make an impact on human health by focusing on viral pathogenesis, vaccine development, correlates of immunity, enhancement of vaccine efficacy, oncolysis, development of novel antivirals, amongst other areas.

Types of Memberships

LKSIoV membership is free, subject to the approval of the LKSIoV Management and Review Advisory Committee. There are different types of membership:

Full Member:

  • Faculty appointees, including Faculty Service Officers, and/or clinical academic colleagues;
  • Must be eligible to apply for and hold research funding at the University of Alberta.

Associate Member:

  • Research and/or clinical academic colleagues with a primary appointment at an institution that is not the University of Alberta;
  • Must be eligible to apply for and hold research funding at a recognized University.

Trainee Member*:

  • Graduate students registered in an academic training program (i.e., MSc, PhD), as well as Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) who are under the supervision of a LKSIoV full member; or
  • Research Associates (RAs) affiliated with a LKSIoV full member.

*Note: Trainee membership is automatic upon membership approval of a full member applicant.

Membership Benefits

Being a LKSIoV member has many benefits, including:

Funding Opportunities:

  • Full members are eligible to apply for competitive LKSIoV research support and innovation grants;
  • Trainee members can apply for various studentships or travel funding programs.


  • Opportunities to share knowledge and best practices;
  • Meet other researchers;
  • Form multi-disciplinary collaborations.


  • All members have the opportunity to apply for event or term sponsorships.

Letters of Support:

  • All members can request a letter of support* when applying for various (non-LKSIoV) funding programs (i.e.: NSERC, CIHR);
  • Letters must be drafts by the member and must include information about how the Principal Investigator intends to leverage LKSIoV resources;
  • More information on Letters of Support, visit CIHR's website or NSERC's website.


  • Promotion of all Members' accomplishments via SUTV, website, social media, reports, brochures, media events, etc.

Translational Research / Commercialization Support:

  • Members can seek advice on how to focus research opportunities with potential for generating IP (intellectual property);
  • Assistance on how to apply for patents, as well as prosecute them, guidance on the development and protection of patents is also available;
  • Assist members with translating research into clinical practice, or provide advice on the development of a spin-off company.

Membership Obligations

All LKSIoV members are expected to:

  • Acknowledge LKSIoV support on any LKSIoV-funded research presentation or publication;
  • List LKSIoV affiliation in manuscripts submitted for publication;
  • List LKSIoV membership on curriculae vitae, resumes, and biosketches;
  • Actively participate in LKSIoV events;
  • Serve on adjudication panels and other committees when recruited;
  • Network and collaborate with other LKSIoV members to build a sense of community;
  • Share research stories in LKSIoV communications.

Applying for Membership

All membership requests require the following:

Please submit the application form, along with your current CV via email to

Direct any questions about regarding LKSIoV membership to