MD Program

Eleanor Crawford

Humans of the MD Program | Derek Fehr

"...One of the most valuable things you can do is just be present with your patients and spend time with them."

Paul Barber

Humans of the MD Program | Manisha Bharadia

"It’s just the little things like that that show our faculty actually do care about us, more than just as students - as individuals."

Passionate Preceptors

MD Learners Share Projects & Make Connections

2019 Excellence in Medical Student Research (EMSR) An Evening showcase for collaboration

Volunteer Opportunities

Community support and dedication to volunteer sessions allows our medical students the ability to work towards their full potential as skilled practitioners during their training.

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Medical students have many opportunities to engage in research and work with some of Canada’s top medical researchers throughout their 4 years in the MD Program.

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Career Planning

We offer a number of different programs that support those who are applying to the program. These programs aim to eliminate social and financial barriers associated with the application process.

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Apply Now

The application process for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program begins the year prior to the year you hope to start medical school. Get started with your application by going through our application checklist.

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