Rural and Regional Health

Access to quality and essential medical services is significant to all Albertans, especially those living in rural or regional areas. The University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry recognizes the importance of experienced professionals implementing health-care services within rural communities.

To help achieve its vision of a healthy Alberta, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry established the Office of Rural & Regional Health (ORRH) in June 2006. ORRH is designed to co-ordinate initiatives and support the development of new health-care programs for rural and regional Alberta. We seek to weave rural and regional health through the education and training of U of A medical students and residents.

Our goal is to enlighten each learner with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges-and the sense of fulfillment-a physician gains while working in Alberta's vibrant rural and regional communities.

The Office of Rural & Regional Health gratefully acknowledges the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) and Alberta Health for financial and academic support toward rural programs and initiatives.


REMINDER: Student Enhancement Program Sponsored by Section of Rural Medicine


As in previous years, the Alberta Section of Rural Medicine will be sponsoring the student enhancement program for rural-origin students who are applying to medical school. It is intended to assist students to prepare for the medical school interview. This training improves their chances of being admitted to medical school.


We offer this program for students applying to any medical school - it does not matter if this is the first application, or the tenth.


Our only requirement is the student must have a reasonable connection to rural Alberta (grew up in a small town, currently works in a rural location, etc.). It has been our experience that this connection will significantly increase the chances that the student will ultimately practice in a smaller center. Even if the student is quite sure that they do not intend to practice in a rural location, we are willing to give them a place in the program.


We have run the program for several years now, and each year a substantial percentage of our graduates get into a medical school. Some are accepted into two or more schools, and many of them have told us they would not have been accepted without the program.


If you know of any students who may benefit from this program, please share this information with them.


For further information on the program, please contact Bev Garbutt at 403.628.2797, or email .