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Faculty Members

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Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs has multiple roles related to academics, professionalism, leadership and faculty development for members of the faculty, including the following:

  • To foster professionalism across all programs, and to ensure that standards of professionalism are being met.
  • Developing the leadership and managerial skills of academics in the Faculty.
  • The primary interface for clinical informatics as it relates to faculty members.
  • Co-ordinating search-and-selection processes in the faculty, elections for faculty standing committees and oversees other administrative matters related to faculty members.

Faculty Development

A comprehensive, co-ordinated strategy has been carefully designed to meet the needs of faculty members. The faculty development team offers numerous workshops, processes, materials and other resources to assist faculty with:

  1. The stages of Promotion throughout one’s career
  2. Professional Development in all pillars of academic performance including teaching, research / scholarship, service, and leadership

Office of Advocacy and Wellbeing

The Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta looks after issues pertaining to the health and well-being of learners & faculty. The office also advocates on their behalf.

FoMD Well

The FoMD Well initiative was borne out of our recognition that there is a need for a significant shift in culture of our existing system, policies and procedures. As an overall centre of wellbeing, FoMD is committed to being a hub for tools and resources, awareness and promotions, and initiatives and programs that support the wellbeing of everyone who dwells in the FoMD.


Informatics works with the Faculty in collecting, organizing, storing and governing data and records relevant to the organization.