Faculty Development

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta provides consultation, collaboration and other supports to help faculty members achieve success and satisfaction in their academic roles.

Message from the Associate Dean

Mia Lang, Associate Dean, Faculty Development

Manjula Gowrishankar
Acting Associate Dean, Faculty Development

Faculty development is a critical component of helping any faculty member succeed in academia.

The FoMD Office of Faculty Development offers programs and services that are designed to help faculty members with:

  • Career Progression: orientation for new faculty members, annual reporting of academic activities, tenure & promotion, mentorship
  • Teaching Skills: basic science (including graduate student supervision) and clinical skills, including our internationally acclaimed peer consultation program
  • Research Skills: most of these services are offered by the Office of Research, but we offer targeted workshops
  • Leadership Skills: Please visit the Service and Administration page for details about leadership training opportunities. As well, the Office of Lifelong Learning also offers support and training for leadership skills.

Manjula Gowrishankar, MD, FRCPC
Professor, Pediatrics
FoMD Program Director, Mentorship & Peer-Consultation for Teaching

Vision Statement

Support the faculty throughout various transitions in their career, from hiring to retiring.


  • Enable our faculty to engage in scholarly teaching with all levels of learners
  • Support the faculty to be productive researchers / scholars.
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Enhance the satisfaction and success of the faculty in all domains

Contact Us

Mariette Seed
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Faculty Development