Giving to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Philanthropic support to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry makes possible everything from student's financial aid and medical research to classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. The Office of Advancement helps alumni and our friends remain connected to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in meaningful ways. Each donor-and their reason for giving-is unique. We work with you to identify specific areas of interest and ensure that your funds are invested so as to ensure greatest impact.
Dr. Lorne Tyrrell

The COVID-19 and Emerging Pathogens Research Fund

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus has been felt worldwide. Your investment in this fund will support research to fight COVID-19, help those impacted by the virus and prepare us for the next pandemic. Together, we can give millions of Canadians hope for a brighter future.

Office of Advancement

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
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Daryl Silzer
Assistant Dean, Advancement
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Kyla Denisuik
Managing Director, Advancement
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Bobbi Wolbeck
Director of Development
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Bryce Meldrum
Director of Development
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Salena Kitteringham
Director, Marketing & Communications
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Elise Hetu
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
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Franca Brodett
Associate Director, Advancement
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Jason Cobb
Associate Director, Advancement
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Nana Thaver
Associate Director, Advancement
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Bobbie O'Connor
Associate Director, Advancement
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Lena Hozaima
Associate Director, Advancement
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Scott Bremner
Associate Director, Advancement
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Jamie Fuchs
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Dean, Advancement
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