The AlumLab Project

Welcome to The AlumLab Project, a Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry initiative that creates spaces and provides programming for networking and connection. The project aims to support its members by bolstering a tight-knit community that members can tap into as they transition through their education and career journey.

The AlumLab membership is made up of over 2,700 alumni of FoMD’s graduate programs, 150 postdoctoral fellows, 500 current trainees, and friends.

Take risks. Put yourself out there. Discover new connections. Co-create a community. Join the AlumLab.

Career Incubator Webinar Series

Tune in as we talk to our diverse membership and uncover the nooks and crannies of their education and career paths.

The Coffee Break Series

Grab a quick coffee with a few AlumLab members. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your personal network.


Forge a new relationship and discover the possibilities when you connect with others through mentorship.


24/7 online access to your AlumLab community. Ask for advice, offer your expertise, post or discover a job.