Defeating Diabetes

Breaking boundaries for a diabetes-free future

On World Diabetes Day, the University of Alberta, along with the Alberta Diabetes Foundation (ADF) and the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation of Canada (DRIFCan), are joining together to celebrate a major milestone in their quest to defeat diabetes.

Together the partners are announcing a $10M campaign to fund research toward a cure, reduce the impact of diabetes in people’s lives and improve early diagnosis of the condition. Already the campaign has led to critical research helping patients in Alberta and around the world.

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Could a pill cure diabetes? A U of A researcher is working on it

Innovative research is now on the cusp of human clinical trials thanks to a partnership providing vital funding.

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Renowned diabetes researcher will bolster world-leading expertise at U of A

New Canada Excellence Research Chair will study a critical underlying defect in all types of diabetes, with the goal of improving prevention and treatment.

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New process produces purer, safer pancreas stem cells for potential transplant

Using a patient’s own stem cells to replace insulin-producing cells “the horizon” for treating diabetes, says researcher.

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Drug-delivering grafts would make islet transplants safer, accessible to more people with diabetes

Thirteen new U of A projects receive a total of nearly $10 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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Leading researcher on Type 1 diabetes discusses new advances in addressing the disease

Peter Senior, professor of medicine and director of the Alberta Diabetes Institute (ADI) shares groundbreaking research that holds significant promise for individuals at risk for or recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

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Diet and exercise could pave the way for diabetes remission

Some people may be able to manage the disease without medications, say researchers building on promising results from a major U.K. study.

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Participatory research gives people living with Type 1 diabetes a voice to reshape their care

Study draws on insights from patients and clinicians with the aim of improving diabetes care in Alberta.

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Grad students with Type 1 diabetes aim to build a better future as researchers, advocates and mentors

From improving current treatments to seeking new ones and raising awareness of what it’s like to live with Type 1, today’s students are emerging as tomorrow’s leaders in the field.

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Donors provide a vital $10M to Defeating Diabetes campaign

Life-changing breakthroughs for millions of people made possible by donor generosity.

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