Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Humanism in healthcare requires a commitment to actively working to address racism, bias, and prejudice. Aligned with the FoMDs commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the AHHM program is committed to advancing efforts to address these systemic forms of oppression.

The Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine (AHHM) program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta was established in 2006.Offering explicit recognition that clinical practice is both an art and a science, AHHM recognizes the many relationships that exist between the arts, humanities, social sciences and medicine.

The mission of AHHM is to engender a balance of science and the humanities within the faculty, in order to foster the development of well-rounded health professionals who are skilled, caring, reflexive and compassionate practitioners. AHHM aims to contribute to the life of the faculty, the university at large, and the Edmonton community through innovative curricular offerings and extra-curricular experiences. In addition, the program promotes inquiry into the intersections of the arts and humanities in health and medicine. The AHHM program explicitly recognizes that clinical practice is both an art and a science; it’s ongoing and expanding programming provides evidence of the commitment of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry to the human side of medicine.

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