AHHM Program

Pamela Brett-MacLean, PhD

AHHM Director
Tel: 780-492-0445

Kathleen Wong, MD

History of Medicine Lead - TBC

Ms. Lisa Bussiere

MD Program/ AHHM Administrator (Interim)
Tel: 780-492-0445

MSA AHHM Student Committee

Stephanie Dalmer (Med 2023)

MSA Student Representative (Year 2)
Chair, MSA-ASC

Sarah Morin (Med 2024)

MSA Student Representative (Year 1)

Co-Chair, MSA-ASC

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Medical Health Humanities Community of Learning (M/HH CoL) Students

AHHM Associates

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Awards & Recognition

We are so proud of the recognition many AHHM associates and M/HH CoL student associates have received for exceptional contributions that demonstrate their leadership and commitment to excellence in integrating arts, humanities, and social sciences in medicine  

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AHHM Associates (Canada Research Chairs, Royal Society Fellows,etc.) 

M/HH CoL Student Associates