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AHHM Affiliates

Providing a focus on medical/ health humanities teaching and scholarship across the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the University of Alberta, and larger Edmonton community, the AHHM program is committed to facilitating networking and interdisciplinary collaboration to contribute to an expanded imagining regarding possibilities that exist for medicine, the arts, and humanities. We invite academics, students and trainees, members of government agencies and community agencies, and other stakeholders to become affiliated members of AHHM. 

We have four affiliate membership categories:

Academic Affiliate 
Full-time UofA faculty members with an academic appointment, eligible to apply for, and hold research funds at the UofA

Fellow Affiliate
Other UofA faculty, staff, and postdoctoral fellows, clinical colleagues and healthcare practitioners, government and community stakeholders and partners, UofA adjunct and emeritus faculty, and alumnus

Student/Trainee Affiliate
UofA learners enrolled in health sciences or other educational programs - all levels: undergraduate, graduate  postgraduate (medicine) - including residents, and fellows. 

Partner Affiliate

AHHM affiliate membership is free, subject to approval (note: interests and activities should be relevant to the mission of the AHHM program.) Applications are accepted throughout the year, with membership terms officially beginning on July 1st of the year of application. Please note: information you provide will be displayed publicly on the website as part of a searchable database. Unless you indicate otherwise, your information will be shared via the AHHM Affiliate database.

AHHM Affiliate Database

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Health Humanities Hubs

AHHM can be considered an overarching learning space, or interhub, directed to dialogue, cross-pollination, and co-inspiration regarding the medical/health humanities. A new initiative involves promoting development of hubs organized around departmental or other shared contexts and concerns, and working to upscale awareness of their efforts directed to positive change and transformation directed to creating better healthcare futures.

A wide array of possibilities exist including organizing hub-focused arts and humanities offerings, sharing information about AHHM-related events, providing advice and feedback to AHHM, etc. The position of “Hub Lead” or “Host” may be supported by your Chair. Required time commitment is flexible, but it is anticipated to be modest (co-leads or hosts who can support and motivate one another and hold each other accountable are encouraged). Candidates should have an interest in the insights of arts and humanities perspectives in relation to health and medicine, and how these perspectives can beneficially influence health and healthcare. Meetings of all hub hosts are organized once during the Fall and Spring semester for cross-pollination and shared learning.

Current Health Humanities Hubs include:

  • Dental Humanities
  • Mental Health Humanities

Interested in proposing a Health Humanities Hub?

New Health Humanities Hub

Visiting Students & Scholars

Liying Wei, MA (2019-20)

AHHM Visiting Professor, China Medical University, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC


From time to time there are opportunities to volunteer to help with various AHHM projects and initiatives. To inquire, please email us at

In addition, the MD Program is grateful to the many individuals living in the greater Edmonton community who make a unique and valuable contribution by volunteering to help our medical students become skilled, caring, and compassionate practitioners. One opportunity that is closely aligned with the AHHM Program involves volunteering as a “Patient Mentor” to help medical students gain insight into what it is like to live with a chronic medical-related condition. To learn about this and other volunteer opportunities with the MD Program, email