The Health Innovation Hub is a community incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs working towards better human health outcomes. 

Our mission is to build a health and life sciences innovation community in Alberta by providing programming support, access to space and training resources, coaching and consulting support, and connections to peers and advisors, with the intent of increasing the commercialization success of health & life science technologies.

Services We Offer

Health Innovation Hub
Programming support

Dedicated programming for health innovation commercialization, including legal, regulatory, product development, and business development.

Health Innovation Hub
An incredible community

Regular workshops and social events, access to resources and opportunities, and the chance to interact and learn from other entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

Health Innovation Hub
Space & equipment

8,000 sq. ft. of co-working office and wet lab space located in Enterprise Square, University of Alberta’s downtown campus.

Health Innovation Hub
Scientific advisory

Access to the University of Alberta's scientific community for advice and expertise to accelerate health innovation products.

Health Innovation Hub
Business coaching

Personalized advice and assistance to support health-focused entrepreneurs to accelerate their startup to the next level.

Health Innovation Hub
Project-based consulting

Subject matter experts to support health innovation entrepreneurs with business consulting needs.

Health Innovation Hub
Business strategies

Help with developing robust strategies, setting goals and milestones, and measuring success through powerful KPIs.

Health Innovation Hub
Business development playbooks

Assistance with creating business development playbooks to expand the business and maintain strong business performance long-term.

Health Innovation Hub
Marketing strategies

Identification of the target market and audience persona, brand development, digital marketing plans, promotional strategies.

Health Innovation Hub
Financial projections

Sophisticated financial modeling plans, cash flow projections, break-even analysis, income statements, and more.

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