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The Health Innovation Hub has nearly 50 member companies in its community, and growing. These companies have developed various disruptive technologies and are operating in industries such as digital health, medical devices, life sciences, biotech, diagnostics and therapeutics.

3MED AI logo

3MED AI offers an AI enabled tool to help dermatologists with generating full 3D mapping of human body to radically simplify detecting, examining, monitoring and treating skin conditions (e.g. psoriasis, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, etc.). 3MED AI solution minimizes the risk of missing new lesions or change in the size of existing lesions by providing clinicians with on-time insight and remote access to the latest patients' data.

A-BaVi Protec Inc.
A-BaVi Protec logo

A-BaVi Protec Inc. has incorporated to commercialize a first-of-its-kind, salt-coated antimicrobial filter technology to prevent transmission of respiratory diseases. Products of A-BaVi Protec Inc. represent the antimicrobial face masks, air filters, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Atom Health - Geodesic Innovations Inc.
Atom Health logo

Atom Health is a digital Health ID bridging the data gap between in-person care and telemedicine. Atom is a secure encrypted file that contains your vital health information, and can be shared for one-time view-only access with an attending physician.

Baüne logo

Baüne's NÜPA Wearable Technology enables granular tracking and data fusion of behavioral, physiological, and social signals relevant to mental health. We enable efficient clinical decision-making in mental health care. Specifically, help identify and visualize personalized early-warning signs from complex multimodal signals, which could lead to effective intervention strategies and better preemptive care.

BAWSE logo

Braving ADHD Within Supportive Ecosystems (BAWSE) is a student-led startup that strives to improve post-pandemic mental health support for students living with ADHD. We aim to develop an online platform that will allow students living with ADHD to find and/or create communities based on their common goals (e.g. finishing their thesis, exercise goals, finding people to study with), as well as have the opportunity to debrief with an ADHD specialized mental health professional.

Become Health
Become Health

We are a health technology company that specializes in the prevention, assessment and management of mental health disorders. Our main goal is to help people and organizations to achieve their full potential. We embraces the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis, that leads to personalized treatments, and facilitates functional recovery. We developed the EarlyDetect technolgy to facilitate precision mental health diagnosis and prevention.

Biomme logo

BIOMME aims to provide a solution for skin conditions resulting from an imbalance in the microbiome. Using their natural predators, our company specifically targets problematic bacteria in order to improve the appearance of the skin. Our vision is to provide a gentle and effective alternative skincare system for common skin problems. Our main mission is to balance the skin microbiome leading to the prevention of common skin concerns.

CARM&A Health Inc.

CARM&A Health Inc. is an Edmonton, Alberta-based company. This health-focused venture aims to collect, analyze and respond to multi-platform data using machine learning and artificial intelligence for proactive detection of at-risk adults and trigger appropriate interventions to support functional ability and healthy aging. This digital solution will enhance quality, accessibility and efficiency of care delivery and make medicine more personalized and precise.

Click&Push Accessibility Inc.
Click&Push logo

Click&Push Accessibility is a wearable device company that enables users to engage with their community without the fear of difficult terrain. Our activity monitor, Sagitta for both wheelchairs and bikes, coupled with our phone application, The Atlas, allow cyclist and wheelchair users to assess how difficult it would be to travel from point A to B. Our device is highly accurate but easy to use, luxurious yet not over-the-top, affordable but not any less durable.

CliniSonix logo

CliniSonix is pioneering next-generation 2D arrays for better and faster 3D ultrasound imaging.

ConnectPT logo

ConnectPT is a community-focused clinic equipped for all stages of movement work—from injury rehab to performance training. Working as a team, we help individuals, athletes, and sports teams recover from injuries, regain mobility, improve their quality of life, increase their athletic ability, and achieve their goals.

Emprss logo

Emprss is a state-of-the-art electronic data collection system and service team whose goal is to improve patient outcomes and generate health-system efficiencies by providing real-time, relevant quality metrics to clinicians. Emprss uses customizable data collection tools to enable clinicians to capture, synthesize and receive reports pertaining to quality metrics on medical procedures.

Entos Pharmaceuticals logo

Entos Pharmaceuticals develops next generation nucleic acid-based therapies using our Fusogenix genetic medicines delivery platform. Fusogenix uses a novel mechanism of action to deliver nucleic acids, intact and unmodified, directly into the cytosol of target cells. The technology is applicable to a wide range of genetic medicines.

Future Fields Ltd.
Future Fields logo

Future Fields creates growth media for the cellular agriculture industry at disruptive cost and scale. They have developed a novel expression platform for producing bioactive growth factors in large quantities, allowing for the production of customized, optimized, affordable growth media. They exist to fundamentally shift protein production through the commercialization of cellular agriculture - enabling the production of animal products in ways that were not previously possible.

HEAL-ME is a digital solution for patients with chronic disease.
Hermay Labs Corp.

Hermay Labs Corporation is a chemistry-based research company dedicated to improving the environment, human health and quality of life through our innovative technologies and our creative products. Hermay Labs’ invention provides for the synthesis of novel derivatives of Vitamin E analogues. Hermay Labs also developed a technology for the extraction and purification Vitamin E compounds from the by-products of biofuel production and from bi-products of canola oil refining processes.

In recent times, the use of serum biomarkers to detect cancer is gaining the attention of
researchers worldwide. Utilizing serum biomarkers for cancer detection involves venipuncture and centrifugation. SS tube’s unique blood sampling method aims to make the separation process quicker, less invasive, less painful, and cheaper by utilizing capillary blood and a membrane-based filtration method. This technology will assist with the early detection of cancers with just a single draw of blood.



KarmaLife offers Dna testing services along with DNA personal health and fitness application coaching services.

Kheprion Inc.
Click&Push logo

Kheprion is commercializing a novel platform to address chronic, site-specific inflammation and infection. Millions currently suffer from complications of viral pneumonia, health-care associated infections and chronic wounds, leading to unnecessary pain, over-prescription, surgery and death. Our broad-spectrum therapeutics enables breakthrough anti-inflammatory and anti-infective products at the site of inflammation.

Lab Chip Technologies Corp.
Lab Chip Technologies Corp. logo

Lab Chip Technologies Corporation is focused on the design and development of integrated devices used in cellular and molecular analysis, biology, medical diagnostic and environmental testing. Lab Chip Tech is currently focused on building portable Lab in the Box flow cytometers. Using microfabrication techniques and a proprietary detection methodology we are in a unique position for the development of a flow cytometer that is small, portable and inexpensive.

Lumiio Inc.
Lumiio Inc.

Lumiio specializes in real-world data collection services that drive health outcomes. We connect stakeholders in health communities by aligning interests, and working towards the common goal of improving solutions for diagnostics, treatment, and care. At Lumiio, the social science leads the data science by combining classical research methods with innovative digital strategies. We put people first and work to instill trust in those we serve.

Protein Hall logo

ProteinHall is an innovative recombinant protein expression system that provides a more sustainable alternative to traditional recombinant protein production methods. Through the production of environmentally and economically sustainable proteins, ProteinHall will improve human health, animal welfare, and the environment. This system will impact various sectors, including cellular agriculture, healthcare, research, and cosmetics – and could ultimately help address critical problems around sustainable production of biomolecules. logo

MEDO leverages AI to radically simplify the usage of ultrasound for diagnosing common and critical conditions at the point of care.

Naiad Lab Inc.
Naiad Lab logo

MedROAD provides an advanced data analytics-driven virtual clinic for effective monitoring of the general public to contain the COVID-19 spread and flatten the curve. We have centralized and integrated the tool for the public to receive personalized oversight by health professionals for their health status. MedROAD expedites the management of assessment, triage, and monitoring. MedROAD enables data gathering, feedback, and reporting to health organizations for efficient tracking of COVID-19.

Nanostics Inc.
Nanostics logo

Nanostics is an Alberta-based, privately held start-up company focused on the development and commercialization of more accurate, minimally invasive diagnostic tests to eliminate invasive testing and provide clarity to healthcare decisions and generate savings to the health-care system.

Neursantys logo

Neurophysiological health determines how well multiple physiological systems in the body work together, which in turn affects balance and movement in many ways. NEURSANTYS innovations in non-invasive neurostimulation and wearable sensing of microscopic changes in balance and movement enable powerful new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for neurophysiological disruptions.

Outbreaker Solutions
Outbreaker Solutions logo

Outbreaker Solutions is researching and developing the world's fastest-acting antimicrobial touch surface — antimicrobial compressed sodium chloride (CSC). Antimicrobial CSC can be applied to anything frequently touched by hands and is effective at eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses.

PanTHERA Cryosolutions Inc.
PanTHERA logo

PanTHERA CryoSolutions is a Canadian corporation that designs and manufactures products for use in the cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organs used in human and veterinary therapies. This technology is also used for the long-term preservation of cells and tissues for drug development and research applications.

Point of Care COVID Test
Handheld Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) device for rapidly detecting COVID-19 antibodies. LOC technology involves the miniaturization and integration of components (e.g., sensors, a pump, a centrifuge, a microchip, etc.) into small, portable devices that can carry out laboratory tests whenever and wherever needed.
Precision Glycosciences
Precision Glycosciences aims at broadening the applications of synthetic glycomaterials. Our innovative approach allows the creation of next generation materials  for use in various applications. We are dedicated to work collaboratively with our partners and customers to realize the full potential of these materials and products.
Pulmvita Inc.
Pulmvita Inc. is developing a new nasal interface to improve supplemental oxygen delivery. Supplemental oxygen is a common treatment for people with a pulmonary disease from pollution, nicotine addiction and/or genetic disorders. By developing this new device, the quality of life for many oxygen patients, respiratory therapists, and other medical staff will be improved. Also, the cost of oxygen therapy could be significantly reduced for healthcare providers or governments.
PulseMedica Corp.
PulseMedica logo

PulseMedica is developing a proprietary 3D retina imaging medical device for the purpose of revolutionizing retinal laser surgery.

RJH Biosciences Inc.
RJH Biosciences logo

RJH Biosciences is a biotechnology company whose focus is to realize the full potential of nucleic acids for human health. We develop novel transfection reagents and delivery systems to transport nucleic acids to a range of human cells. The company develops value-added products in two commercial segments, as transfection reagents for biomedical R&D enterprise and as nucleic acid delivery agents for preclinical and clinical applications.

Ruth Corp.
Ruth Corp. logo

Ruth Corp., formerly Hempact, aims to create a disposable, biodegradable menstrual pad to provide an alternative that allows customers to not have to compromise between basic necessity and sustainability. Our mission is to make sustainability an easy choice. At our core, we aim to create and provide products that are both sustainable and accessible to our customers.

Solidified Inc.

Solidified Inc. is a health device development company that looks to create a tissue engineered heart valve that provides increased durability without the need for anticoagulation.

StaffingCall logo

StaffingCall was developed to address the issue of absenteeism and short staffing in health-care institutions that can be highly impacted by these occurrences. While these last-minute issues are an unavoidable reality, the very nature of last minute calls means that environments are left with very little time with which to find solutions. StaffingCall, a mobile and web-interface SaaS has been designed to be programmed to address institutional needs to tackle this relentless problem today.

Synapsis Medical Inc.
Synapsis logo

Synapsis Medical is building software and system for real-time cardiovascular health parameters monitoring.

Development of tumor-seeking agents for diagnostics and therapeutic internal Alpha and Beta Irradiation of tumors (Theranostics) using positron emitters for PET diagnostics and alpha and beta emitters for therapeutics and a proprietary click-chemistry platform for individualized radiosynthesis (precision medicine).
Tricca Technologies Inc.
Tricca Technologies logo

Tricca is building metabolomic biosensor platforms based on research being done at the U of A. These platforms are made to be inexpensive, easy to use, and portable. We are developing a number of applications for these sensors in diagnostics and disease screening, and work with partners to develop new applications for our technology.

Trigger Tracker
It's a food diary app for those struggling with IBD. It records the meals you eat to the symptoms you may be experience, and correlates your symptoms to your food diary. IBD is very difficult to manage because each person has their own unique triggers, so this app can help ease your experiences with IBD.
True Angle Medical Technologies Inc.
True Angle logo

True Angle is reshaping care for people with swallowing disorders. We took a costly, inconvenient, and inaccessible clinical intervention that retrains swallowing muscles, and miniaturized and mobilized it. The Mobili-T consists of a small wireless sensor that is supported by “smart” software to provide custom exercise targets and feedback. It’s like giving the patient a virtual coach that they can keep in their pocket.

Unbounded Thinking
Unbounded Thinking

The rate of change we're facing today requires businesses now more than ever to think on their feet, adapt, or close their doors. Businesses understand this and the importance of innovating and most say that they are, but very few are happy with their innovation efforts and performance.

At Unbounded, we shift the discussion to HOW you’re innovating through a human-centered and scientific approach to Innovation Management.

It's in our nature to innovate. Unbounded help's you nurture it.

VR Pathways Inc.
VR Pathways

Clinically endorsed on-demand, mental wellness solutions. 1) VR Brain™; a VR app combining sensory immersion, neurolinguistics, and nature, with CBT strategies, interrupting detrimental thinking patterns while promoting new positive thought pathways. 2) Pocket Brain™; a mobile app offering similar content as the VRBrain™, enhancing self-awareness, conceptional reasoning and emotional balance. Designed to work together or independently, when needed- at home, work or with therapist support.

WWiKY Biosciences Inc.
WWiKY Biosciences logo

WWiKY Biosciences Inc. shares a passion for a cancer-free future. We are developing a spectrum of cancer theranostics (both therapy and diagnostics) that strike at the core of treatment failure. Our products exploit hypoxia, a condition that leads to metastatic progression and therapy resistance in cancer, to identify eligible patients (imaging) and then treat them with the same or similar drug, thus providing a personalized approach to image and kill therapy-resistant hypoxic solid tumors.