The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers the MD/PhD program as part of its medical research education portfolio. This program allows students to obtain the MD degree and a PhD degree with the goal of preparing them for a career as a Physician-Scientist. Acceptance into the MD/PhD program is contingent upon the approval of the MD/PhD Committee. Please note that the MD/PhD program only considers students that have already been admitted to the MD Program at the University of Alberta.

Students are admitted to the combined degree program on the recommendation of the MD/PhD Committee through 2 potential paths:

  1. Current medical students should apply to the MD/PhD program prior to completion of their second year and must be admitted to an approved graduate program through the regular application procedure for that program.
  2. Current University of Alberta graduate students who gain admission to the MD program are eligible to enroll immediately in the MD/PhD program. In collaboration with Undergraduate Medical Education, students have the option to defer their MD admission and continue full time graduate registration. Alternatively, students who are nearing completion of their doctoral program have the option to transition into the MD program.
  3. For all MD/PhD students, the PhD must be completed prior to commencing year 3 of the MD program.

The MD/PhD program is intended for exceptional students who are committed to a career in medical research as a Physician-Scientist. In addition to the four years required to complete the MD degree, the PhD typically takes four to six years to complete. The PhD must be administered by a recognized graduate program at the University of Alberta but need not be in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

For further information on the MD/PhD program, please contact the Grad Program Advisor at or 780-492-9721