Ongoing Training for the oral healthcare team

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Sedation & Anesthetics

Our sedation and anesthetic programming offers interdisciplinary education and training for the dental team so that oral healthcare professionals can help incorporate sedation into their practice.


Our radiology programming delivers interdisciplinary education and training for the entire dental team aimed at improving the standard of care and providing exciting new opportunities.


Our dental implantology programming offers interdisciplinary education for the health care team aimed at creating leaders who offer their patients dental implants with a high standard of care.

Sleep Dentistry

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) poses a significant challenge to modern society and dentistry plays a direct role in treating this health issue. Acquire the education and training necessary to treat OSA.

Neuromodulator Therapeutics

Our neuromodulator programming offers general practitioners and dental assistants world class educational and training opportunities to incorporate neuromodulator therapeutics into the dental practice.

Facial Aesthetics

Our aesthetics programming offers general practitioners interested in the impact that facial aesthetics can have on quality of life the opportunity to learn from a diverse faculty in Canada’s only certified fillers program.


Our orthodontics module offers interdisciplinary training for the dental team enabling them to contribute to the care of a patient's teeth and jaw.


Our surgical programming provides general practitioners the opportunity to gain additional knowledge, skill, and confidence when offering periodontal treatments.


Hit the next milestone in your career as an RDH and gain a firm grasp on all the aspects of prescribing from collaboration to communication and prescribing.

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Workshops, Lectures, & Other Offerings

TMD Lecture Series

Across the board TMD is one of the greatest challenges in practice and can be life altering for those who suffer from it. This lecture series comprises a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and scientific experts who will help you dissect the subject and learn methods of managing and treating TMD. 

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Practice Management Study Club

Owning a dental practice isn't easy, it requires Industry connections and a firm grasp of basic business skills. Our monthly mixer at RATT will provide you the opportunity to learn valuable business skills and build important connections.

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Sterilization Assistant Certification

The Sterilization Assistant course is open to the general public and is intended for those pursuing a career in healthcare. Reprocessing of medical devices is a crucial part of running a successful practice and maintaining safe patient care. It helps to ensure a sterile work environment - which is fundamental in preventing the spread of infections.

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Dental Hygiene Refresher

We offer a refresher course for Dental Hygienists who have been out of practice for three or more years. 

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Local Anesthetics Refresher

Is your Local Anesthetics certification in need of a refresher? We offer a comprehensive review of theoretical and clinical components.

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Instrument Sharpening

Discover the latest techniques and tools for sharpening dental instruments, and learn how to improve the longevity and effectiveness of your tools. With hands-on training and expert guidance from our experienced faculty, you'll leave this course with the skills and confidence to take your practice to the next level.

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about us

The CDE Advantage

  • Leading continuing dental education backed by the strength of the University of Alberta.
  • Programs and courses that are non-industry biased, focusing on knowledge and tools not brands.
  • High standards to ensure competency driven education to help expand your career and practice.
  • Diverse faculty with a wide range of expertise allowing us to deliver knowledge rich content.

Our Mission

We are a leader in certification and educational programs for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Registered Dental Assistants and other health fields. Backed by the University of Alberta, we offer true competency education to help those in oral health expand their abilities and expertise.

Dr. James R. Yacyshyn - DDS, MS, BSC

Dr. James Yacyshyn obtained his BSc and DDS from the University of Alberta and completed a Masters in Applied Science Engineering from the University of Toronto. With a background in health technology and Informatics, Dr. Yacyshyn joined the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in 2001 - later appointed as the director of Continuing Dental Education in 2002.

As Director of Continuing Dental Education, Dr. Yacyshyn has developed and facilitated numerous educational programs spanning various topics for licensed Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and allied health practitioners across Alberta, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, through Continuing Dental Education's clinical programs, we have provided care for numerous patients over the years.

If you have any ideas, challenges, or opportunities that you want to share, please reach out to us—together we can pursue excellence in continuing dental education and patient care.

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