Dental Alumni Association

Who we are

The Dental Alumni Association (DAA) represents all graduates from the University of Alberta Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program. Upon graduation, DDS alumni automatically become members of the DAA.

The DAA common agenda for collective impact includes:

  1. Maintaining a healthy and collaborative relationship with the University of Alberta
  2. Celebrating achievements in our alumni dental community
  3. Establishing a networking platform for past graduates, students, and new alumni to diversify our representation

For a list of the current executive team, please visit our team page, which includes a message from the president.

Get involved

Ongoing Continuing Education through the U of A

The University of Alberta Continuing Dental Education Office offers a variety of outstanding continuing education programs for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratory technicians. Hands-on competency based, and lecture based specialized education and certification programs are available year round. For more information, visit the School of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education.


Most recently, we have been in communication with the Alberta Dental Foundation (ADF) to establish a partnership between the DAA and ADF to better improve access to care for all Albertans. The DAA is excited to promote dental advocacy and maintain firm belief in the ADF advancing improved access to dental care for underserved and low-income Albertans.