Our School is dedicated to advancing the field of dentistry. We have researchers making advances in all areas of oral health. Are you a graduate student looking for an area to get involved in? Are you a professional looking for information? Browse through our research areas to see what we're actively involved in.

Biomedical Oral & Maxillofacial Research Unit

Research will support oral health related investigation of inflammatory oral conditions in relation to systemic disease, craniofacial growth and development, dental materials and biomechanics, and tissue engineering.

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Oral Health Clinical & Translational Research Unit

Improving oral health by fostering hypothesis led clinical and epidemiological research and facilitating translation of discovery science into clinical application.

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Educational Research & Scholarship Unit

Research focuses on the advancement of educational research and scholarship to enhance teaching processes and student experience.

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Population & Community Oral Health Unit

Research will focus on improving the oral health of disadvantaged, vulnerable and underserved populations, and providing enhanced models of oral health delivery.

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