The School of Dentistry promotes the importance of research as the foundation of our profession. The generation, translation and utilization of research are essential to advancing our profession and to developing the critical thinking skills needed for long term professional success. 

Biomedical research is essential for improving global health. Both foundation and clinical research has led to advancements in oral health that generate new knowledge in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. 

Health services research will lead to increased knowledge in the areas of treatment and health care delivery. The impact of this research will contribute to cost containments, improved quality of care as well as an understanding of barriers to access to care. 

Educational research will inform and develop best teaching practice and overall educational scholarship. This research will impact curriculum delivery and student learning outcomes.

Are you a graduate student looking for an area to get involved in? Are you a professional looking for information? Browse through our research areas to see what we're actively involved in.

Biomedical Oral & Maxillofacial Research Unit

Research will support oral health related investigation of inflammatory oral conditions in relation to systemic disease, craniofacial growth and development, dental materials and biomechanics, and tissue engineering.

Applied Oral Health Research Unit

Improving oral health by fostering hypothesis led clinical and epidemiological research and facilitating translation of discovery science into clinical application.

Educational Research & Scholarship Unit

Research focuses on the advancement of educational research and scholarship to enhance teaching processes and student experience.

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