Operated by the School of Dentistry. Patients receive care by supervised students in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

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What patients are saying...

  • "As a mom of 3, I’m so grateful how they make our children feel comfortable. My one child is scared about the dentist (she’s 9) and the students have been amazing. They’ve treated all so kindly and with gentle care and always get the job done."

  • "The School is amazing with great students. They work very hard to care for the patient and practice at perfecting their work as they learn. Overall the School of Dentistry Oral Health Clinic is on top of their game."

  • "They've already exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the fine staff and instructors who have done a phenomenal job at making me feel safe heard and treated in a professional and uplifting manner."

What services do we offer?

We educate and train oral health-care professionals.

General Dental Services

Check-ups, dental hygiene, fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures, dental implants and root canals are just some of the services available.

Anxious Patients

If you have anxiety, we offer IV sedation by licensed dentists for basic dental treatment including dental hygiene, fillings and simple extractions.


We offer braces, clear aligners, jaw and teeth alignment and more.

Oral Medicine
(Oral Lesions/Pathology and TMD/Orofacial Pain)

We offer treatment for jaw and facial pain, as well as oral pathology.


Find treatments focusing on gum disease, as well as dental implant placement.

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Where to find us

Oral Health Clinic
Kaye Edmonton Clinic

8th Floor, 11400 University Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 1Z1

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call (780) 407-5550