Research Clusters



  • Research clusters at the School of Dentistry promote scholarly collaborations in known or emerging areas of common interest among its Faculty members, and also externally. The generation, translation, and utilization of research are essential to advancing our profession and to developing the critical thinking skills needed for long-term professional success. 
  • Research clusters are led by SoD faculty members, who engage in Foundational, Clinical, Community population, and Educational research activities. Our researchers are grouped into three clusters, which represent approximately 30 faculty members engaged in research; 

Biomedical Oral & Maxillofacial Research Unit

Comprises researchers conducting basic science research in areas such as cancer, craniofacial growth& development, cardiovascular disease, and immunology, systemic disease related to inflammatory oral conditions, dental materials and biomechanics, and tissue engineering. 

Applied Oral Health Research Unit

Encompasses groups engaged in research on dental aerosols, dental sleep medicine, artificial intelligence in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, public health and periodontal disease. The unit has several ongoing clinical trials and epidemiological research that aims to facilitate the translation of discovery science into clinical application.

Educational Research & Scholarship Unit

Research in this cluster relates to social, cultural, environmental, and educational research. The research focuses on the advancement of educational research and scholarship to enhance teaching processes and student experiences.