Biomedical Oral & Maxillofacial Research Unit

The mission of the Biomedical Oral/Maxillofacial Research Unit (BOMRU) is to support basic discovery in the areas of biomedical sciences and oral health.

The BOMRU is a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary research organization whose members are dedicated to fundamental biologic discovery, understanding the basis for oral disease and translating their discoveries into improved oral health care. The BOMRU is designed to foster multidisciplinary teams of researchers in areas of biomechanics, biomaterials, oral and systemic diseases, craniofacial growth and development, and infectious diseases. Research focuses on the cellular, molecular, and biological basis for oral and craniofacial diseases and abnormalities as well as strategies for their repair.

The BOMRU seeks to foster collaborative research between investigators from the School of Dentistry, the FoMD, other UoA faculties such as the Faculty of Engineering, and a number of national and international investigators with interest in oral biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology, physiology, tissue engineering, biomechanics, material sciences, biochemistry, infectious diseases and disorders, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and immunology.