Research Office

amin-adac-endow.jpgWelcome to the School of Dentistry Research platform!

Research represents one of the School of Dentistry enterprise's most dynamic elements and the office of Research reflects the responsibilities associated with promoting and advancing research activities that contribute to new scientific/technical discoveries, clinical trials, and new dental-related technology. In addition to promoting research education and training among undergraduate and graduate students.

Our school is committed to advancing oral and systemic health in research areas such as  craniofacial development and regeneration, cardiovascular disease, oral cancer, infectious diseases, and dental education. We currently have ongoing clinical trials at our prestigious Oral Health Clinic, if interested please contact the clinic for more information. 

In addition to supporting the SoD research studies, we host numerous academic events, and academic scholars that spend weeks to months shadowing various SoD research activities and learning from us. Volunteers are welcome to participate in the SoD research activities by contacting the SoD Faculty conducting research in their area of interest.

Driven by our commitment to community engagement research, the SoD developed a Community-Engaged Research Program that is focused on encouraging and supporting student participation in community-engaged research that emerged from and addresses the research needs of community partners. 

School of Dentistry Research investigators are also pushing the boundary of science, specifically in the field of Artificial intelligence to identify oral cavity normal and abnormal structures, detection and diagnose dental caries/diseases, and prediction of treatment outcomes. We also leverage the healthcare administrative data collected at our Oral Health Clinic to conduct research related to healthcare delivery, benefits, harms, and costs.

We are committed to excellence in research and we invite you to collaborate with us. Please peruse our website to learn more about what we have to offer. 


Maryam Amin, DMD, MSc, Ph.D. 
Professor and Associate Chair, Research
Director, Graduate Program -
College Chair in Clinical Dentistry Research

Contact Information
5-513 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

Research Project Coordinator
Teena Ann Mathew
5-596 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy