Application Package

In order to apply to the MD/PhD program, the MD/PhD Committee requires, as a minimum, the following items:

  1. Student's curriculum vitae, highlighting any research experience
  2. Student's up-to-date transcripts
  3. Student's 1-2 page letter of purpose (e.g. career goals) and general plan (e.g. department in which they will be working, subject area and why it interests them, etc) for their PhD
  4. Timeline of expected completion of both MD and PhD, by year
  5. Letter(s) of reference from former research supervisor(s) where available
  6. Detailed scientific research proposal for the PhD program (2-4 pages)
  7. Proposed or current supervisor's letter of recommendation
  8. Proposed or current supervisor's curriculum vitae, including their supervisory record
  9. Proposed or current supervisor's grant support
  10. Proposed or current members of PhD supervisory committee

Prospective students should consult with the MD/PhD Program Director, Dr. Alan Underhill ( prior to making a formal application.

Please submit your application package to:

Nonso Ezenwa
Office of Research
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
2-13 HMRC
University of Alberta
8440 - 112 Street
Edmonton AB, T6G 2R7
Tel: 780-492-9721