Academic Integrity

The MD Program, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and the entire University of Alberta community value and uphold the principles of academic integrity.

The University of Alberta places a very high value on academic integrity. Our Code of Student Behaviour (COSB) outlines what students are prohibited from doing, provides the rationale for those rules, and possible sanctions for violations.

As straightforward as the concept of academic integrity might seem, it may carry different meanings for different people, vary from institution to institution, or vary from culture to culture. 

Students are expected to engage in the highest level of honesty in their work. It is possible, however, to violate academic integrity even if you believed you were being honest. The onus is on students to understand the University of Alberta's expectations regarding academic integrity. 
Not knowing is not an excuse.

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry follows these policies related to students and teaching:

Academic Appeals

All academic appeals in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry are co-ordinated through the Office of the Vice-Dean of Education.

Code of Applicant Behavior

Conduct by individuals seeking admission to the University of Alberta that compromises the integrity and fairness of assessment for admission threatens the proper functioning of the University. Procedures outlined in the Code of Applicant Behavior relate only to Applicants.

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Code of Conduct

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's Code of Conduct provides guidance to all those working and learning in the Faculty environment that is conducive to optimal education, research, and clinical care.

University of Alberta Code of Student Behavior

The Code of Student Behavior includes descriptions of unacceptable behavior for Students in the University, the sanctions for commission of the offenses, and explanations of the complete discipline and appeal processes.

Practicum Intervention

The University has an obligation to protect the public interest, public safety, and public health by ensuring that Students in Practicums conform to accepted standards of professional, competent, and safe practice in their work with patients, clients, and co-workers. This Policy provides Deans with the authority to intervene in the Practicum of a Student and/or an associated Professional Program because of such concerns. The Dean's authority is balanced by the granting of appeal rights to a student who is the subject of a practicum intervention.

Professional Standards for Students

Students in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry created code of values, expectations and conduct to reflect the ideals that are integral to professionalism. The faculty endorsed these standards, which are consistent with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Code of Conduct.