Academic Support

The MD Program at the University of Alberta is committed to providing our students with the resources and support they need to be successful in their academic careers.

It is not uncommon for learners to experience academic difficulties at some point in their MD career. It may involve a disappointing grade, personal circumstances interfering with academic performance, issues with time management, confusion over course expectations, or uncertainty of how to study or prepare for an exam. Whatever the challenge may be, it is important to contact someone so that the problem can be addressed and resolved.
The MD Program Academic Affairs Team, composed of the Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, the Director of Learning Support, and Academic administrators, regularly monitors student academic performance. Direct input is sought and received from course and clerkship coordinators, and from MeDMAP mentors. Students are also able to self-identify over concerns about academic performance.

Course and clerkship coordinators are available to discuss academic concerns specific to the relevant pre-clerkship course or clerkship rotation. Broader academic concerns are addressed by the Academic Affairs team, for which one-on-one meetings with the Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs and/or the Director of Learning Support are provided to explore barriers to academic success and discuss strategies to overcome these. University of Alberta campus based resources that may be recommended, or to which students may self-refer, include the Academic Success Centre to discuss individualized learning strategies, and Accessibility Resources to explore Accommodations where applicable (see details below).If you are experiencing academic difficulties, or for more information about academic support, please contact your course or clerkship coordinator or the Academic Affairs team. To book an appointment with Dr. Brock Debenham, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, or Dr. Rebecca Mitchell, Director of Learning Support, please email or phone: 780 492 6350

University of Alberta Academic Success Centre - The Academic Success Centre provides professional academic support to help students maximize their academic success and achieve their academic goals. We offer appointments, advising, group workshops, online courses, and specialized programming year-round to students in all university programs, at all levels of achievement and study.