West African Music Ensemble

The West African Music Ensemble studies the polyphonic and polyrhythmic music of West Africa with particular focus on the Music of the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo and Benin. This music combines song, dance, and percussion. As each component is crucial to the experience of Ewe music, all members participate as dancers, singers, and drummers.

Founded in the fall of 1999 by Michael Frishkopf, the West African Music Ensemble is regularly featured in the Centre for Ethnomusicology's World Music Sampler and during the University of Alberta International Week, as well as on occasion for special events both on and off-campus. The Ensemble is fortunate to own a complete set of authentic West African instruments for use by registered members of the group. In 2003, Robert Kpogo was appointed to teach the Ensemble and has since become its Director.