Our Programs

The Department of Music at the University of Alberta offers undergraduate and graduate programs in voice and instrumental performance, choral and instrumental conducting, composition, ethnomusicology, and musicology. Our academic programs focus on classical, traditional, and popular music and media, the study of music in societies, and the creation of new music. In recent years, our programs have grown to include studies in innovative, interdisciplinary fields such sonic art, popular music and ethnomusicology.

Students from departments and faculties across the university are invited to explore their passion for music with us. The Department of Music offers a variety of opportunities for non-Music majors, including performance ensembles, literature and theory courses, and studies in musicology, ethnomusicology, and popular music. For those inspired to further expand their musical path, the Music Department offers a Music Minor and an after-degree program, a World Sound Arts certificate, opportunities to study abroad, and a joint degree in music education.

Immerse yourself in intensive study, explore music through an arts elective, or study abroad to discover different sonic worlds.