Your generosity helps our students succeed! Your donations will be directed to one of our Funding Priorities. Gifts from alumni, staff and friends help us advance our programs and ensures you remain connected and a part of the Native Studies family.


Funding Priorities of the Faculty of Native Studies

The Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta is a leader in teaching, research and education concerning Indigenous peoples and understanding their histories and contemporary realities. The Faculty of Native Studies is the University of Alberta's longest running, most successful Indigenous engagement initiative. The Faculty's interdisciplinary programs and service to community rest on a foundation of deep respect for the knowledge and traditions of Canada's First Peoples, and their place in contemporary Canada. It provides a common ground for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to explore and critically examine the historical and contemporary relations that concern Indigenous peoples that impact all facets of Canadian society.

Through consultation and needs assessment, the Faculty has identified the following leading priorities for charitable giving. We encourage our alumni and friends to consider these when contemplating a gift in support of Native Studies.

Indigenous Governance & Partnership Program Endowment

The Faculty of Native Studies seeks to develop sustained financial support for the Indigenous Governance and Partnership program to bridge the leadership gap that exists among Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations. The program empowers students to develop the necessary understanding, competencies, tools and techniques to effectively lead, work and partner with Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses, communities, organizations and government. Its focus is on the development of knowledge while increasing analytical and applied skills suited to the unique governance issues and opportunities facing Indigenous peoples and their non-Indigenous partners.

"I never expected a University program to encourage me to ask tough questions, to be critical of current realities, to reshape and re-imagine the way I see the world. This new knowledge and experience has fostered a confidence in me that I can help create the change Indigenous people seek and indeed, this is exactly what I intend to do as I continue in my studies."

Kristy Isert (Myshaniuk), J.D. (2012)
B.A Native Studies (Honours) 2009
Indigenous Governance and Partnership Certificate 2009
BSc (Honours) 2008

"I applaud your Indigenous Governance and Partnership initiative. The Faculty of Native Studies is making great strides to break new ground in meeting the needs of our Indigenous Peoples and First Nations communities."

Dr. Wilton Littlechild
BPE 1967; MA 1975; LLB 1976 (Hon.) 2007
University of Alberta Member, United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Learning Opportunities Fund

Throughout the year, Native Studies undergraduate and graduate students alike are presented with emerging and unforeseen opportunities to enhance their educational experience. Things like the cost of travel to a symposium or conference, to conduct field research, to acquire new books and equipment, or the expenses associated with bringing Indigenous leaders and experts to our Faculty for teaching and research presentations. All of these require financial resources that fall outside of the Faculty's limited budget. By contributing to the Native Studies Learning Opportunities Fund, donors help to ensure that there is support available for students to tap into so they can maximize their access to learning opportunities while studying at the University of Alberta.

Native Studies Reading Room Endowment

The Faculty supports a Reading Room for research relating to Aboriginal & Indigenous issues. The Reading Room is a major resource for all of our students; this fund allows our Faculty to select new materials annually to keep our highly specialized collection current and staffed for student use.

Faculty of Native Studies Endowment

Our students face the reality of rising tuition costs. Factoring in the higher cost of textbooks, other materials and housing make the task of concentrating on studies all the more challenging. Contributing to the Student Support Fund will help improve student financial aid and employment opportunities through significant investments in undergraduate scholarships and bursaries, academic advising, undergraduate research opportunities and undergraduate internships and community programs/ capstone course replacements. These initiatives will ensure that an education in Native Studies is accessible to as many students as possible. Support in this area will assist in relieving some of the financial burden our students face, and improve their ability to concentrate on their studies and succeed.

Visits of Elders Program Endowment

The Elders Program in the Faculty is driven by an Endowment created May 2001 that allows the Faculty to host extended visits of Elders to participate in our activities. Specifically: (1) to connect the UofA's academic teaching about Indigenous Peoples more closely to Indigenous Communities; (2) to have Indigenous community Elders accessible to instructors for classroom purposes; and (3) to promote the U of A's commitment to diversity of knowledge on the campus among different types of Indigenous communities.