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Research Fellowship Report Now Available

Willow Lake Métis Community

Willow Lake Métis (WLM) are a Métis community based in Anzac, Alberta. WLM are closely connected to the lands of northeastern Alberta, where they continue to hunt, trap, fish, and berry pick on the same traplines, rivers, lakes and trails that sustained their ancestors. The community is geographically situated at the north end of "SAGD alley," the wide strip of steam and solvent-based bitumen extraction projects between Fort McMurray and Cold Lake. The community's roots lie in the history of the fur trade in northeastern Alberta, and WLM is connected to other Métis families, communities, and political entities throughout western and northern Canada, and in the United States. The fellowship research proposed by WLM will document Métis women's indigenous and ecological knowledge, which is vital to the cultural retention objectives of the community and contributes to a general understanding of contemporary Métis life in Alberta. Read the full research report here.

Who We Are

The Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research (RCMR) serves as an expansive academic research program specifically geared toward Métis issues. The goals and objectives of the research centre include: building provincial and national connections with the Métis community; building research capacity to advance Métis-specific research; and training and employing student researchers.

Research Areas

• Historical research and Métis rights
• Institutional deficit in Métis education
• Land use and resources
• Contemporary Métis issues
• Research and Analysis capacity on current topics and general policy areas