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What is Native Studies?

Native Studies is an exciting, emerging area of study that seeks to understand the experiences and lives of Indigenous people and communities, past, present, and into the future. It also studies how Indigenous communities and the countries in which they live influence and define each other. 

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What we do

The Faculty of Native Studies' teaching and research pursue ways of understanding Indigenous communities -- local national and global -- that are relevant to Indigenous needs. Welcoming all students, Native Studies combines the insights of many traditional university disciplines, such as anthropology, science, history, law, and sociology, with the wisdom of Indigenous knowledges and perspectives. This approach challenges mainstream settler-colonial ideas about Indigenous people. It suggests fundamentally new ways of understanding Indigenous people and their relations with non-Indigenous societies and governments. By fostering this cultural awareness, Native Studies aims to build bridges that will create a better Canada and world.

Being the only Faculty of its kind in North America, Native Studies provides a warm, close-knit, friendly and safe space that nurtures a family-like environment. Students are taught by faculty and staff who are leaders in their various fields of research and are focused on student-centred learning. Native Studies can offer a life-altering experience where you will make friends for life in a vibrant community, led by a strong and active student body and an
impressive (and growing!) alumni who have become contemporary leaders in a wide array of professional fields.

The Faculty of Native Studies is: Student centred.

Ours is a mission that goes beyond the classroom. Our faculty, staff, and students are motivated to produce lasting change in the world, and to empower students as the next generation of leaders. At the heart of the Faculty are our students, whose energy, drive, and success are the force behind all that we do.

  • Students benefit directly from their professors' research.
  • Professors weave their research into their teaching to provide rich learning experiences to students.
  • Students get involved in the professors' research, thus deepening the understanding of Native Studies that the students gain through their courses.
  • Small class sizes enable students to get to know their professors and receive one-on-one support
  • Social events are hosted throughout the year to bring our community together, including Tipi Raising and Take Down, Tea and Bannock potlucks, Games Nights with the Dean, and so much more!

Entrance Requirements

High School

  • English 30-1 plus 4 other 30 level subjects
  • Students admitted into the Faculty of Native Studies in 2021 had admission averages in the mid 70s or higher


  • English 30-1 and one other 30 level subject from Group A or C (Social Studies 30-1 or Aboriginal Studies 30 recommended)
  • Competitive overall average of 70% or higher
  • 21 years of age or older by the first day of class

Transfer Student

  • A minimum of 24 transferable credits with a GPA of at least 2.0, OR
  • Successful completion of the Transition Year Program

If you have questions or require more information on our programs, please contact our student recruiter:

What can I do with a Native Studies degree?

Employers are increasingly seeking individuals with expertise and insight into Indigenous experiences, values, and goals. The opportunities for Native Studies alumni are rich and diverse, including but never limited to employment in: community, education, government, fine arts, history, industry, STEM, non-profit.

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