Humanities 101

Affiliated with IPAEP

Humanities 101 offers FREE university-level, non-credit courses that recognize multiple ways of knowing and learning. There is a new course each semester and classes are one evening a week on the University of Alberta campus. Humanities 101 prioritizes those who have not had access to post-secondary and who cannot otherwise afford to attend classes. Humanities 101 recognizes the knowledge that comes with lived experience and there are NO requirements or previous education required, you come with everything you need. 

Included in the course is food, all supplies and materials, student ID card, bus tickets, and any other costs associated with the course (for example, field trips). There is a certificate upon completion.

For more information, to register, or to see what the upcoming courses are about call us at 587-709-5472 or email us You can also check out and participate in last year’s class that happened over the radio at