November 8 2017 - UNDRIP and the Métis Nation

Our Fall 2017 Métis Talks focused on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and its relevance to the Métis Nation.

Dr. Brenda Gunn, from the University of Manitoba, spoke on the "Implications of UNDRIP on the Métis Nation", while Dr. Yvonne Poitras Pratt, from the University of Calgary, written in collaboration with Solange Lalonde (UCalgary), spoke on "The Alberta Métis Education Council: Realizing Self-Determination in Education".

Brenda Gunn speaking in front of a projector displaying a slide on Equity vs Equality

Dr. Brenda Gunn

Yvonne Poitras Pratt presents in front of an Metis identity image

Dr. Yvonne Poitras Pratt