Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellow Charlene Nielsen is continuing to map adverse birth outcomes and potential environmental hazards in Canada as part of her research. Learn more.

Terms of Postdoctoral appointment

  • Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are individuals who have completed their PhD, within the past five years or within 10 years of a MD, DDS or equivalent, who want to develop further expertise, experience and training in their chosen area of research.
  • At the University of Alberta, postdocs are a valued and vital part of our community, who make significant contributions to the university's research enterprise. Postdocs are full-time researchers who work under the supervision of a faculty member, and can often supervise graduate students in addition to their research duties.
  • With the prior agreement of the supervising faculty member(s), PDFs may undertake teaching responsibilities up to a maximum of one full course per term.
  • All PDFs, both on and off campus, must be registered and administered through the Postdoctoral Fellows Office, regardless of whether the funding comes directly from the funding agency or through the university.
  • PDFs may receive a Certificate of Postdoctoral Study recognizing completion of their appointment. The certificate is not an academic credential.

The Department of Pediatrics is responsible for completing or obtaining all documents related to appointing postdoctoral fellows prior to being submitted to the Postdoctoral Fellows Office.

At the University of Alberta, postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) are considered trainees rather than employees by the university.


  • Time limits after initial appointment may only be extended by the Vice-President (Research) or designate, due to circumstances requiring an interruption in the PDFs research career (for example, medical necessity or parental responsibilities). For those not holding permanent resident status, extension of the appointment will be subject to immigration approval.
  • Prior to appointing or reappointing a postdoctoral fellow who is a foreign national, a University of Alberta staff member in the host department should complete the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment. Immigration Services will assess the information and if required, create and submit the required forms and payment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Once a response is received from IRCC, Immigration Services will contact the department with further instructions.

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