Pediatric Research Day

The Department of Pediatrics is pleased to present this year's Pediatric Research Day abstracts online. The purpose of this event is to showcase research by a mix of faculty, learners and staff in the Department of Pediatrics.

Date:  April 12, 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline: Feb 21, 2023



2022  Keynote speaker: Dr. Lynora Saxinger CTropMed, MD, FRCPC  

Topic: TBC


Abstract submission


Only ONE abstract per first author will be considered. Abstracts must be submitted via the Google form link.  Abstract should be formatted in a Word document as follows: 

  • Title - up to 20 words
  • Text - maximum 400 words
  • Abbreviations should be defined and kept to a minimum
  • Do not include tables, graphs or references.
  • Abstracts should represent original research (completed or ongoing) led by Department of Pediatrics members, including faculty, clinical academic colleagues, research staff, residents, clinical and postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. Previously presented research is welcome,
  • File Naming Format: LAST NAME, First name, Division (in brackets). Example: FORGIE, Sarah (Infectious Diseases)

Presenter resources

The Women and Children's Health Research Institute (WCHRI) has held informational sessions for researchers to prepare for oral and abstract presentations. This resource may help you with Pediatric Research Day:

Geoff Ball, professor, and Maryam Kebbe, former postdoctoral fellow: Creating and delivering powerful scientific presentations


Watch the videos below to find out why submitting an abstract for Pediatric Research Day is important.

Research Day committee members

Geoff Ball - co-chair
Janette Mailo - co-chair
Catherine Burton
Michael Khoury
Georg Schmolzer
Hien Huynh
Nicole Firth
Shubham Soni
Mikhaila Skehor

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Executive Assistant
Vanessa Bootsma


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