Groups, Centres, & Institutes

Alberta Diabetes Institute

The Alberta Diabetes Institute is a research facility dedicated to discovering new methods to prevent, treat and cure diabetes through scientific excellence and teamwork.

Cardiovascular Research Group

The Cardiovascular Research Centre works to lessen the burden of cardiovascular diseases on society by generation of new knowledge as to the underlying causes of these disorders. This has been achieved by the assembly of a strong research team with research expertise in the molecular, biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and clinical components of heart and stroke disease.

Centre for Neuroscience

The large, multidisciplinary Centre for Neuroscience has well equipped laboratories and funding opportunities for students to study topics that range from physiology, pharmacology, cellular biology to psychiatry and psychology.

Alberta Vision Net

Alberta Vision Net brings together researchers at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary to advance the understanding and treatments of ocular disease. With investigators from more than 10 departments, the network integrates ophthalmology and molecular biology with the following major objectives:

  • To foster fundamental and translational research to improve understanding and treatment of disease
  • Explore high impact novel research ideas, that offer the realistic prospect of fresh therapeutic approaches
  • Provide a rich cross-disciplinary environment and so offer outstanding training for fellows, residents and students 

Membrane Protein Disease Research Group

The Membrane Protein Disease Research Group (MPDRG) was formed in 2001. Members of the group investigate membrane transporters of different molecules and ions, protein targeting and translocation across biological membrane, protein folding, and the role of membrane-associated proteins in control of cell growth and cellular communication. MPDRG also has a strong trainee program in the area of structure and function of membrane proteins.

International Research Training Group in Membrane Biology

The International Research Training Group in Membrane Biology The International Research Training Group (IRTG) in Membrane Biology is focused on the study of membrane proteins relevant to disease states. We are a group of scientists at the University of Alberta part of the Membrane Protein Disease Research Group with collaborative links to a similar training program in Germany, the IRTG 1830.

Women and Children Health's Research Institute

Created in 1991, the Women and Children's Health Research Institute is a centre with representation from several disciplines and faculties. Members work to discover the causes and cures of perinatal illness, to train scientists and practitioners in perinatal science and to encourage research that promotes the health of women and their infants.

Pulmonary Research Group

The Pulmonary Research Group is a multi-disciplinary group whose members pursue research interests in respiratory disease. Studies range from molecular, laboratory-based investigation to health outcome measurements related to disease prevalence and treatment evaluation and follow up.

Rehabilitation Neuroscience

The Rehabilitation Neuroscience Group is located in the Heritage Medical Research Centre. Its members are involved in a variety of projects focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying the neural control of movement in health and disease, and in developing novel treatments including functional electrical stimulation, in-home tele-rehabilitation, nerve regeneration and novel drug therapies.