Graduate Training Opportunities

Dr. Zam Kassiri (website) is looking for a vibrant, enthusiastic and hard-working PhD student and Post-doctoral fellow to lead research projects involving remodeling (structural, cellular and molecular) in cardiac and vascular pathologies. The applicant must be competitive for internal and external funding. Interested applicants should email their curriculum vitae (CV) and transcripts (undergraduate and post-graduate) to Dr. Zamaneh Kassiri ( This should include complete details of academic record, publications, and the names of three referees. 

Dr. Emmanuelle Cordat is currently looking for a hard-working graduate student interested in renal and/or cell physiology. The project will focus on the role of bicarbonate transport in health and disease and will include cell and mouse models. Please inquire by e-mail.

Dr. Robin Clugston is currently looking for graduate students interested in working on several possible projects linked to vitamin A and lipid metabolism. Research will focus on mouse models, with a focus on molecular biology and biochemical analyses. Please inquire by e-mail.

Dr. Silvia Pagliardini is currently looking for graduate students interested in working on projects aiming to assess physiological and anatomical properties of brainstem structures involved in respiratory control in health and sleep disordered breathing. Research will use a combination of anatomical, molecular, electrophysiological  optogenetic and plethysmographic techniques. Background in neuroscience and physiology is mandatory. Prior in vivo physiology expertise is preferred.

Dr. Simon Gosgnach is currently looking for postdoctoral fellows or graduate students
interested in using imaging, optogenetic, and/or electrophysiological approaches to
investigate the structure of the neural network responsible for generating locomotor
movements. Applicants should have graduated from a life science program.

Dr. Jessica Yue is looking for motivated, dedicated graduate students interested in in vivo diabetes and obesity research.  Research projects will focus on how the brain regulates whole-body glucose, lipid, or energy metabolism.  Research will involve methods in physiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics.  In addition to standard laboratory techniques, trainees will receive training to independently perform sophisticated surgeries and in vivo experiments to measure glucose and lipid production.  

Prospective students will likely:

  • have a keen interest in pursuing careers in research, medicine, or health sciences
  • possess a strong background in physiology and endocrinology
  • have taken prior lab courses at the undergraduate level or beyond
  • be comfortable working with animals in a lab setting
  • be self-motivated, critical thinkers, with the capability to work both independently and in a team setting
  •  possess grades competitive for application for external scholarship/studentship funding

Please direct inquiries and interest to: Dr. Jessica Yue (